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AKTINA CDS offers component sourcing support


Supply chain issues have dogged companies in a variety of industries, let alone ICT, for much of the last year. In particular, it is possible that businesses relying on specific hardware for their products are having trouble sourcing the exact equipment that they need, potentially putting projects at risk of falling behind schedule.

AKTINA CDS employee

However, if there is a certain product that customers are unable to find through the sourcing methods they would typically use, that is where AKTINA CDS comes in. They are specialised in the distribution of electronic components and acts as a middleman between the global open market and OEM or EMS companies that needs hardware.

“We source globally,” explains Antti Kokko, Account Manager for Finland at AKTINA CDS. “We gather parts from authorised distributors in different territories, directly from the manufacturers, open markets across the globe and from our huge OEM and EMS overstock database. By doing this, we maximise the chances of finding the right component for a customer.”

AKTINA CDS offers three core services:

  • Purchasing old component parts that companies no longer need.
  • Component forwarding by securing quality and support in the search for components, as well as long-term storage and partial delivery to secure cash flow.
  • Offering a testing service when a customer acquires parts from other open markets.

As an intermediary, sourcing hardware to offer is a big aspect of how AKTINA CDS operate. “We work closely with both parties and sometimes bring them together to discuss future strategies,” says Antti. “We have reliable suppliers from whom we buy components and do business with. We also try to be as close as possible to our customers by phone and can usually be found through trade fairs or company visits.” 

Another hugely important part of what AKTINA CDS does is their quality control – making sure that all components that come to them are ready to use. This is where their highly skilled quality controllers come in.

“Once the product is ordered and reaches us, inspectors check a specific sample of the components to confirm that they are not fake or in poor condition,” says Antti. “Our quality controllers are constantly trained and equipped with modern tools to ensure that our customers receive only the highest quality, so that they do not risk their reputation by using problematic end products.

“The inspectors also send the customer a quality control report, which goes into detail on what has been done and what has been found.” 

Antti Kokko image
Antti Kokko

It’s this level of meticulousness and careful attention-to-detail that makes AKTINA CDS a reliable and trusted business to work with, as they are able to issue product guarantees to customers that require their services.

Any member companies that want to work with AKTINA CDS should contact Antti directly by phone or email. You can send a message to Antti at or call +358 45 123 6858. If necessary, Skype or Teams meetings can be arranged with him and another company representative.