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Centria AMK Kokkola’s IT Recruitment Event

Two weeks ago, Centria AMK in Kokkola held their annual IT Recruitment Event. It was organized by their IT degree program, in cooperation with the work-life and career services. It was aimed at their own IT students, who got the opportunity to meet a wide variety of IT companies, and learn more about ICTOulu. It was an excellent way for everyone to test the waters and see what kinds of opportunities the companies and potential future employees could offer each other. The businesses could find the experts they needed, and the students could find out what their future work field had to offer in terms of jobs and internships.

The event was set up very well, with the people from Centria providing everything that both the companies and the students needed during an event like this. This also showed in the fact that, despite the relatively small size of the event, a very large number of students showed up, and many of them were very interested in what ICTOulu has to offer. Our stand was a good way for them to find out more about us, and we were able to tell them all about our platform, network, and the services we have to offer. An advantage of Kokkola is that it’s very close to Oulu, meaning that students can work remotely and easily commute to Oulu on an as-needed basis.

If you’re interested in what the Oulu IT sector has to offer, get in touch with us!

Text by Arjane Kerkhoven

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