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Chips from the Very North:Oulu

Oulu’s semiconductor and microelectronics ecosystem

The Oulu region takes pride in a significant concentration of expertise in semiconductors and microelectronics. By now, Oulu has gained recognition as one of the most thriving technological cities in Finland and the world!

  • Oulu is responsible for the second largest microelectronics cluster in Finland with 30 key developer companies and up to 1500 professionals in the industry.

Oulu excels in advanced SOC development, PCB manufacturing technologies, the implementation of 5G and 6G solutions, and the development of antenna designs and radio interfaces resulting from successful collaborations between the industry and the University of Oulu.

We at ICTOulu are continuously encouraging industry collaborations to further strengthen our base of experts. Our region offers real opportunities for investments and project partnerships.

We would be happy to provide more information on the possibility of joining Oulu’s sophisticated semiconductor and microelectronics ecosystem. Explore the assets of the region by watching this video!

Curious to know more? Watch our longer version of the video by clicking here