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Microelectronics Cluster-Oulu Chips Act

Chips are in the heart of technology, and they also define our lives more than ever before… Every electromechanical device and system are controlled and managed by a set of chips and world is hungry for more! This advancement sparked a lively ecosystem of innovation, uniting semiconductor manufacturers, research institutions, chip designers, and startups in Oulu.

The European Union Chips Act and particularly Joint Undertaking program aims to uphold Europe’s semiconductor industry, demote supply dependencies, and enhance world-wide competitiveness.  

Oulu is looking forward to playing an active role in this action by using its thriving microelectronics cluster to drive innovation, research, and industry partnerships. 

With a focus on fostering skilled professionals and initiating cutting-edge projects, Oulu contributes noticeably to the EU’s aim of strengthening the semiconductor ecosystem and ensuring technological sovereignty.  

“The Unversity of Oulu and other universities in Finland are the prime source of new talent and employees for Texas Instruments.” 

-Juha Pennanen, Design Center Manager at Texas Instruments 

Oulu has a very good ecosystem of research and industry in the field of microelectronics as we have: 

  • 30 key developer companies surrounded by large cluster of businesses, 
  • Up to 1500 professionals working directly on this field. 
  • Excellent source for new talents and employees.

In areas such as Fabless chip design, and RF related technologies, Oulu’s capabilities are unique globally since there are numerous widespread companies have been attracted by Oulu’s activities in the field leading them to setting up an office in the city.  

Oulu’s thriving ecosystem, demonstrated by initiatives like Technology Park, perfectly integrates businesses and universities, facilitating a dynamic collaboration and innovation. This distinguishable environment enhances the city’s appeal to business owners globally and making Oulu a unique hub for microelectronics ventures.

Oulu targets to play a pivotal role in the European Chips Act and is engaged to establish a competence centre on a national level that surpasses borders, benefitting not just Finland, but even Europe. 

Delve deeper into the sophisticated world of semiconductor innovation by watching our video! Reveal unique insights into Oulu’s microelectronics industry, focuses, and initiatives for various industry sectors, even including the dynamic realm of health tech:  

Let’s work together! 

Explore Oulu’s lively microelectronics cluster for top-tier research, innovation, industry collaborations. With generous skilled professionals and well-functioning new talent production engine, we offer unique opportunities for cutting-edge projects, world-class solutions, and investment ventures.

We’re looking for suitable developing and innovative partners to join our dynamic ecosystem, offering diverse focuses and collaborative opportunities through invest-in approach.  Join our vibrant ecosystem for numerous benefits and exceptional opportunities! 

Take a more thorough look into our companies and resources, and let’s initiate cooperation!