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Deep-tech companies based in Oulu aiming to penetrate the defense markets

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On August 31st in Oulu, we hosted an information day on the Opportunities in the Defense Sector for Technology Companies. This event built upon the growth focus that began on April 4th, highlighting opportunities that had been identified earlier. Finnish high-tech development companies now have a realistic chance to provide significant dual-use technology solutions to these vast markets. In Oulu, we already have a gratifying number of high-tech and deep-tech companies with existing and evolving business activities in the defense sector, both nationally and internationally.

Now, we’re stepping up our efforts.

The information session on sector business opportunities and support resources brought together almost 80 individuals interested in the subject at BusinessAsema.

Leading the way, Oulu’s stakeholders, including VTT and Oulu University, submitted an application to NATO’s Diana organization the day before the event for the establishment of a 6G test center in Oulu. If approved, this center, in conjunction with VTT’s accelerator center ambitions, will provide an excellent environment and support for the development and verification of solutions, aligned with Diana’s service concept, not only for locals but also for others. Many thanks to Jukka Riekki and Mika Rantakokko for their presentations.

In the image, you can see Jonas Cederlöf, the National Expert of the European Commission’s sector, who, together with Paavo Heiskanen from Business Finland, discussed EU support programs, international financing opportunities, and national support mechanisms. The day concluded with Tapio Halkola from PIA Ry, shedding light on the dynamics of NATO’s industrial cooperation and opportunities for local companies.

In summary, it is evident that developing business in this sector, especially in terms of digital solutions, is not straightforward, and the industry operates in a unique way. On the other hand, the support mechanisms are impressive, and the opportunities are nearly limitless. It’s inspiring to see that even small Finnish companies have successfully broken into the defense sector’s value chain with outstanding solutions.

BusinessOulu facilitates regional collaboration and information sharing across various initiatives with the aim of supporting companies already operating in the defense sector and those aspiring to do so. Please don’t hesitate to reach out, and together, we can determine the best path for your endeavors!

We will post updates throughout the month on ICTOulu, as well as on our LinkedIn channel. If you want to know more about our activities and we how can support your business, please feel free to contact us.