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Finland in the 2022 Global Talent Competitive Index

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The ninth edition of the Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) has been published, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of workforces and talent pools across the world, including Finland’s.

For ICT companies within the Oulu cluster, this is important reading in order to gain a deeper understanding of how the national workforce and talent pool compares to other countries. We are pleased to see that the report indicates the country as a top performer in certain areas.

The GTCI report is published annually by INSEAD, the Business School for the World, in collaboration with Portulans Institute (an independent non-profit, non-partisan research and educational institute based in Washington DC) and with their Knowledge Partner the Human Capital Leadership Institute (HCLI, a centre of excellence that facilitates the acceleration of leadership development and strategic human capital management capabilities in Asia).

Scroll below for a link to download the full report and our round-up of some of the key findings relating to Finland.

Summary of the report’s findings

  • Efforts to reduce talent-related gender divides have shown significant success in a number of countries, particularly in Finland and across the Nordics.
  • Finland’s strongest asset is our ability to retain talent, which is the result of the contributions of the country’s social security system, our natural environment and sustainability efforts.
  • Finland is a leader when it comes to enabling talent domestically, with both a particularly impressive regulatory landscape and strong business and labour ecosystem,
  • There is an impressive pool of vocational and technical skills.
  • Whilst domestic recruitment is of a good standard, it stands in contrast to a relatively weaker level of external recruitment – i.e. attracting talent from overseas.
  • There is scope to strengthen lifelong learning.