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French enterprise software market opportunities

The Eiffel Tower during sunset in Paris

Is your ICT business looking to explore new sales possibilities/increase your customer portfolio in France? Want to learn more about what the market situation is in the EU’s 2nd largest economy? If so, there are potentially new business opportunities for Finnish companies, including those based in our ICT sector in Oulu.

France’s economy to become more digitalised

There are 3.9m companies based in France, from startups at the earliest stages all the way up to large enterprises. Whilst traditionally there has been low investment in digitisation, that is soon about to change, enabled by the country’s Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) funds.

60 million euros is currently spent on digital services, with 40% of that amount going towards software and cloud solutions.

What solutions are needed

There is demand for products and services for a number of areas of business operations. These include ERP, finance, HR, supply chain management, sales, CRM, digital marketing, e-commerce, and data analytics. There is an uptick in companies within France using cloud-based software and systems. There is also growing interest in cyber security solutions in addition to emerging technologies such as AI.

Business Finland webinar | 14.2.2024

The Embassy of Finland, alongside Business Finland, will be arranging a webinar on Wednesday 14th February about France’s enterprise software market, presenting trends and opportunities. This will be hosted on Microsoft Teams and is reserved for ICT companies, including those that are based in the Oulu region.

Registrations are open now via the Business Finland website and will close on Tuesday 13th February.

For more details, you can contact Henriikka Yliheljo, Counsellor, Trade and Investment, Embassy of Finland, Paris –