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Get to know EXFO and their open positions

”We help networks transform. We enable tomorrow’s technologies. And we need smart minds.

The ICTOulu team interviewed Pasi Koskinen, who is a QA, Production and Product Support Manager at EXFO. EXFO is a large global company with 2,000 personnel worldwide. The main office is in Canada but there’s a significant presence in Oulu with 55–60 employees. The Oulu site is the old NetHawk, established in Oulu in 1991 and purchased by EXFO in 2010. The Oulu site, located in Linnanmaa, is a rather independent part of the company, essentially being a company inside another company.

EXFO is a grand international player providing solutions for system integrators, network equipment manufacturers, webscale companies, communications service providers, different technologies and governments, to name just a few. It is also a major player in homeland security area, collaborating with various Governmental units.

Working at EXFO

The scope and versatility of EXFO’s operations means the positions in the company are incredibly diverse, with extensive possibilities to grow and advance. There are plenty of employees with careers spanning over a decade or more, eager to mentor newcomers. New recruits will get a thorough training and warm welcome to a tight-knit community.

Pasi Koskinen
some of the current open positions:

More positions will be opening later, follow the EXFO recruitment site and LinkedIn profile for updates. It’s also possible to leave a spontaneous application in anticipation of the future openings.

While certain substance know-how for the positions is needed, primarily EXFO values the person over specific qualifications and doesn’t list a long set of specific skill requirements. The personality, drive and just being a good fit is more important, so people shouldn’t hesitate in submitting their applications. They will be looked into and considered for other positions as well. EXFO is also an excellent employer for international talents as the official working language is English and skills in other languages are highly valued. 

Whether you are starting your career or considering a change, EXFO is a great place to work, learn and grow!