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ICTOulu’s Recruiting Activities in Bratislava, Slovakia within Profesia Days 2024

ICTOulu participated in the Profesia Days events in Bratislava last week, and we’re excited to share our activities from there! This isn’t the first time we’ve taken part in Profesia Days as ICTOulu to attract new talent to our lively city, Oulu. Throughout last year, ICTOulu, along with International House Oulu, has been attending these recruiting and talent attraction activities in different locations such as the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Last November, our team was in Košice, Slovakia, which resulted in very positive outcomes. Therefore, we decided to continue our activities since there is a lot of room for new talent in our sector!

Before delving into the interesting conversations and outcomes of this two-day event, we would like to provide some background. The demand for fresh talent in Oulu’s ICT sector is crucial, with companies actively seeking professionals in various roles such as programmers, software designers, cloud computing experts, and developers. ICTOulu has recognized the importance of addressing the skills shortage and has been actively involved in talent attraction projects targeting ICT professionals across Europe, notably achieving success in Slovakia. Participating in events like Profesia Days in Bratislava, a two-day event featuring seminars, demonstrations, and workshops, provides an ideal platform to connect with students and workers exploring career opportunities, furthering ICTOulu’s mission. The event buzzes with activity, offering ample opportunities for engagement and networking.

We showcased Oulu as an ideal destination for living and working at our amazing purple booth on the upper floor of the hall, providing information about the city’s attractive lifestyle and career opportunities. Additionally, we highlighted various companies that contribute to Oulu’s thriving ICT cluster, demonstrating the breadth and depth of opportunities available within the city.

During these two days, we had delightful conversations with people interested in finding job opportunities in Oulu, Finland. It was a great pleasure to discuss our common interests, such as ice hockey, which proved to be very inspirational and enjoyable! Aside from our shared interests, many technology experts were interested in learning about the opportunities available in our city with the prospect of relocating to Oulu. Moreover, there were a few discussions with potential talents who are interested in studying in Oulu or considering moving here with their families, wanting to learn more about educational opportunities for their children, emphasizing the reputation of Finnish education as the best!

In conclusion, as this amazing two-day event came to an end, we engaged with numerous students and professionals expressing keen interest in the opportunities available within Oulu and its ICT sector. We recognize that deciding to relocate for work is a significant decision, yet it can also be highly rewarding for both one’s career and personal life. Our aim is to ignite curiosity by directly interacting with individuals in locations such as Bratislava, encouraging them to consider how they could contribute to our dynamic and innovative ecosystem.

You can learn more about moving to Oulu, especially from Slovakia, by reading the newest post from International House! Tomas Slesar has been living in Oulu for 14 years, and you can read his story here.

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