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Meet ICTOulu member: MeKiwi

Our ICTteam visited the colorful new premises of MeKiwi in the Oulu City center and interviewed the CEO Samuel Kuosmanen. In addition to the new headquarters, Mekiwi has just closed a funding round successfully and is developing their products and assets with accelerating speed. Being a fast-growing company, the next round is already being planned.

MeKiwi was founded in 2014 initially focusing on digital services and tailored software solutions. Still, from the very beginning they had an interest towards VR. Cave Digger, a VR mining game, was released on 2018, and today MeKiwi’s game studio VRKiwi is the largest VR game developer and publisher in Finland.

People of MeKiwi

Samuel’s working history includes sales and leadership positions in various fields. He joined MeKiwi in 2018 and became the CEO a year later. He states that the core values of MeKiwi are passion for growth and the well-being of people. The best results can be reached when employees are content and appreciated, when their importance to the company can be seen and felt.

Currently MeKiwi has around 30 employees. As a growing company investing heavily in the future, they will be looking for more recruits in the near future. Right now, they are looking for a Unity programmer. See open positions on their website.

Samuel Kuosmanen at the MeKiwi HQ

MeKiwi and games

MeKiwi not only wishes to grow their business but the whole Oulu game industry by strengthening the industry networks. Samuel would especially like to rejuvenate the Oulu Game LAB, which has initiated several projects and companies that are employing many talents in the field even today.

When developing games, VRKiwi focuses on creating quality, with special attention on multiplayer and cross-platform compatibility. Cave Digger 2 will be released in September on major platforms like Steam and PlayStation VR after being on an early access stage for about a year.