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Meet ICTOulu member: Roihuan

Hi, we are Roihuan!

Roihuan is a young, evolving, and colorful company specialising in custom software solutions. Our office is in the beautiful Pikisaari, surrounded by artists, artisans, and culture. It’s an inspiring environment, and provides gorgeous scenery. Pikisaari is also close to everything, so it’s easy to visit us!

All of us here are from widely different backgrounds ranging from healthcare to service industry and beyond. This helps us look at things from a variety of perspectives, and all experience – either from school, previous jobs or from life itself – helps in this field of work. Besides technical problem solving, and coding, our days are filled with working directly with customers in different ways (meetings, calls, working in a team at customer’s office and so on). 

What’s up

Though we’ve been in business only for a bit over two and a half years, we’ve managed to build firm footholds in healthcare technology, finance, and energy sectors. All of those are already big, and ever expanding and evolving fields of business filled with exciting options. Our near future looks promising, there are some very interesting long-term projects starting in early August and going on to next year. And as is typical in this field of work, we can’t tell you more about it. 🙂