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MWC letters vol 2 – business possibilities arise

Orange logo at MWC 2023

During the MWC, the Gran Fira convention center showcased the most innovative solutions in the world, sparking new business development possibilities. Here are some of our thoughts:

The GSMA announced a new industry-wide initiative called GSMA Open Gateway, which provides universal access to operator networks for developers. This launch enables developer companies to utilize a wider network of operators and expand services in the API economy world. Although no Finnish operators are currently onboard, the list of operators is significant, including America Movil, AT&T, Axiata, Bharti Airtel, China Mobile, Deutche Telekom, e&Group, KDDI, KT, Liberty Global, MTN, Orange, Singtel, Swisscom, STC, Telefonica, Telenor, Telstra, TIM, Verizon, and Vodafone. Eight universal APIs are available at launch, with more on the way. Currentely there are SIM Swap, Quality on Demand (QoD), Device Status (Connected or Roaming Status), Number Verify, Edge Site Selection and Routing, Number Verification, (SMS 2FA), Carrieer Billing – Check Out and Device Locatikon (Verify Location). We strongly recommend that local developer companies take a closer look at this possibility.

IoT is pushing the deployment of wider utilization and new use cases. There are significant business cases and opportunities in IoT device designing, an area in which Oulu and Finland excel. Advanced antennas, such as multibeam panel antennas and lens-based solutions, are used to transmit large amounts of data at high data rates, and transparent antennas present a natural solution to IoT devices getting smaller and smaller. The tiny antennas are difficult to design, but there is a growing need in markets. Oulu-based actors, such as Verkotan, ExcellAnt, and Orbis Systems, provide state-of-the-art solutions in this field, and there is more room for growth in the global markets.

Data and the utilization of AI are crucial in delivering services, but mobile operators must ensure that data is secure and properly stored while finding ways to better monetize that data. Oulu-based developers have business development opportunities in this field.

Cybersecurity is booming, and enterprises are adopting API-based applications that rely on public or mobile internet as the primary data transport. This creates potential for significant increases in cyberattacks on vulnerable IoT end points and API clients, making network edge-based security solutions that follow the zero-trust principle more important than ever. Oulu’s talent pool is well-equipped to address this issue.

The green movement is gaining traction, and it is now good business to go green. According to studies, some 40 percent of consumers would pay a premium for mobile phone tariffs with a carbon-neutral certification. Additionally, energy is becoming a competitive differentiator for 5G B2B sales.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the business opportunities available. Despite general economic sluggishness, there is a huge demand for state-of-the-art solutions in different fields of technologies. Reflect your own possibilities with these statements: semiconductors are the new oil and gaming is the new video etc. Now more than ever it makes sense to develop your own products for the markets of the world.