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MWC Letters vol 4 – Oulu-based companies’ precense in MWC 

MWC 2023 venue image

This year, Oulu-based ICT companies had a particularly strong presence at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. In this article, we will explore the companies from Oulu that attended the MWC in Barcelona, their products and services, and the impact they are making in the mobile industry. 

In our shared booth, there were a total of five local companies presented. The first one is Enhancell. Enhancell Ltd. produces software solutions for wireless network surveys. They operate on the global market and are a trusted partner of several major cellular operators and network manufacturers. Enhancell’s objective is to simplify network testing with their Echo product line consisting of tools that run directly on commercial smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Echo tools support 2G-5G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth measurements, and can perform voice call, data, and scripted tests. The tools include an online cloud service enabling license control, remote control of the devices, log file transfer between the devices, and log file export. The tools come in universal license form and are transferrable between devices. 

The second company is ExcellAnt. They offer antenna products and design solutions using RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave technology for the following application areas: 5G FR2 Test & Measurement, mmW Radars & Industrial Sensors and Mobile, IoT & Wearable Devices. 

The third company is Verkotan. Their specialty is wireless testing (OTA) and RF exposure evaluations (SAR) for wireless devices. With a talented team, equipment, and reliable test methods, their service offering is extensive and ranges from CE, FCC, and ISED certifications to pre-compliance test services. They also have 5 RF OTA test chambers and 4 SAR test systems in the company’s premises in Oulu. 

The fourth company that attended is Profilence. They are the pioneer of stability testing and analysis. Basically, Profilence’s products and services help companies make data-driven decisions to get their products to markets faster and at higher stability and quality. They are a trusted QA partner of leading device vendors in smartphone, automotive, and medical segments, to name a few. Everything they do is based on their in-house developed QA platform and their decades-long experience in software quality analytics. Profilence operates, for example, in the automotive and smart mobility industries. 

Last but not least, we have CoreHW. It is a fabless semiconductor company that has already been developing Integrated Circuits technologies for decades to shape the future of the semiconductor industry in leading telecommunication companies and research hubs. CoreHW holds a strong position in supplying accurate indoor location technology globally. They offer antenna switches optimized for AoA and AoD, antenna modules, and indoor location reference designs including high-quality locators and position software. 

Within the context of our booth, we also showcased RadioPark, our joint initiative into which we are now recruiting ecosystem member companies to benefit from the developing testing and product development resources the initiative is collecting. 

But that was not all. Naturally, you could identify Nokia with its global level presence, Nordic Semiconductor, Bittium, Orbis systems, Aava Mobile and more. In fact, we visited the booth of Infineon that had a demo made in collaboration with Creoir, an Oulu-based company focused on offline voice-based user interface solutions. And naturally there was the Business Finland’s attractive booth as well. We thank Business Finland for nice and successful cooperation! It was truly beneficial for us and our companies! 

The immediate feedback from our companies was very positive and promising. Deals were made, leads were collected, and all signs are showing that the sales will develop positively based on this effort. We are more than happy and very proud of our companies. Stay tuned for more similar activities in the near future.