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Opiframe’s Route to Code training starts January 2023

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A new training program from Opiframe called Route to Code will start in January 2023.

As the recruitment need in the ICT sector within Oulu intensifies, programs like Opiframe’s help to provide a new pathway for those seeking work within the industry. This is also of benefit to employers, as more individuals are given up-to-date training, therefore widening the talent pool.

The program itself will be taught in English, through a mix of in-person and remote teaching, and has a duration of four months from 31st January to 29th May.

Participants can expect to:

  • Learn the basics of programming, including for the web.
  • Understand how to implement a web program with a database.
  • Build their knowledge of Python, SQL, JavaScript, etc.
  • Familiarise themselves with project management in this domain.

There will also be teaching of the Finnish language, tailored for the workplace.

Who should apply?

TE Services clients who are:

  • Unemployed jobseekers or under threat of unemployment.
  • Those who have the basic skill set required for this type of training and need additional learning to keep their industry knowledge up to date.
  • Those who may either have a formal education in ICT, work experience, or know-how gained through their own projects or hobbies.

You can see more information on the course on Opiframe’s website. There will also be presentations on TE-live at 1pm on 20th December and Microsoft Teams on 22nd December at 1pm, in which you can hear more about the training.

To apply, potential participants must first make an application through the TE Services website. After this first step has been completed, they must send a CV in PDF format (under the filename format: “Surname first name CV”) to