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PrintoCent is hosting the 8th open inno­vation event Printo­Cent Inno­Fest 8–9.9.2022 in Oulu, Finland

Infographic of Innofest innovation competition. How it works: Team with idea - Apply - Get Approved - Join Innofest! Printed intelligence experts will be assigne to your team. Individual with idea - Apply - Get Approved - Join Innofest! We will build a team for you. Expert in your field or printed intelligence - Sign in - Review - Join Innofest! We will assign you to a team.

PrintoCent InnoFest is an innovation competition – it’s a place where ideas, problems and Printed Intelligence solutions meet. Anyone can join whether you have an idea or not, maybe you just want to learn more about Printed Intelligence. You can bring your own team or come alone, and we will help you build a team. To every team, we will provide world-class technical experts in printed intelligence to support you.

Event starts on Thursday 8.9.2022 at 9:00 and ends on Friday 9.9.2022 at 14:00. During the two days, 15 innovation teams will have time to cultivate their ideas, present them to the jury and get valuable feedback. This fun yet educational event is a place to learn how Printed Intelligence could benefit your product design, service or business in general. You’ll hear the most inspiring talks and company presentations, enjoy Finnish sauna and seaside hot tub. In the end of the event, there will be an award ceremony where the winners are announced.

PrintoCent InnoFest 2022 has special focus on finding Printed Intelligence solutions to help us in the Green Deal transition. Less material, less energy, lighter yet smarter products, new business strategies leading to circular economy and utilization of biodegradable materials – all this is enabled by Printed Intelligence! And yet another special twist will come from Oulu European Culture Capital 2026 program – innovating how to find new synergies between printed intelligence and cultural content.

The key in joining Innofest is to have an open mind with a desire to come up with the most splendid ideas and solutions. Our motto is “Pay attention – ideas are around you”.

Registration is now open – be brave and do join us!

Satu Väinämö, Director of PrintoCent
+358 50 437 0978