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RadioPark Tribe forming up!

3D mallinnos Radiopark

The RadioPark related community gathered on April 13, 2023, to discuss the future generations of 5G and 6G and the challenges and opportunities they present and the road map the RadioPark concept offers to tackle these challenges. RadioPark is a joint initiative focused on advancing new wireless technologies, applications based on those core technologies and business activities, and the event was about the formation of the RadioPark Tribe, a community and network of motivated and interested stakeholders of radio-related actors and application developers.

The event was hosted by BusinessOulu’s director Mr. Juha Ala-Mursula, and the actual presentation was held by the project manager Mr. Heikki Huhmo. Presentation introduced the reasons for establishing RadioPark including the increasing complexity of radio technology development, integration challenges, rising costs of development and testing, international competition, and the need for competent workforce. Oulu has been and is recognized as a center of radio development with proven productization capabilities. RadioPark will be a heart for new era’s local and international collaboration that will carry this region to the future of connectivity.

RadioPark aims to bridge the competences and resources of companies, research institutions, and the public sector to create a strong entity that can address the challenges and opportunities in the field of radio technology. It will also be a legal entity with major ownership by the private sector, offering working space, shared world-class environments for development, integration and testing, and productized services for customer needs. RadioPark will participate in funding rounds at national and EU levels, provide consultation to partners and customers, and market globally as a strong branded entity for co-creation, integration, testing, and productization for everything connected.

The setup of RadioPark will involve the establishment of RadioPark Operating Company Oy as a service company owned by private companies and the public sector. Cluster members, who are companies and entities using the services provided by RadioPark, will have access to various benefits such as test environment brokering, trainings, business data, marketing efforts, and price advantages for the service portfolio. The key principle is to ensure easy access to RadioPark Oy for cluster companies. A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed by several companies, and the next steps involve finalizing the name of the company, agreeing on rules and agreements, setting up the company, agreeing on resourcing, and initiating funding and marketing planning.

Heikki Huhmo puhumassa Radiopuistosta yleisölle.

Cluster members will pay a membership fee, which will be used to cover shared services costs and support the continuous development of the cluster. The development of RadioPark is ongoing, with room for ideas, changes, and needs. It is not set up to compete with other companies, but to create more business and its marketing and operations are not limited to the Oulu area. Signing a Frame Agreement will provide opportunities to respond to leads coming from outside of RadioPark. RadioPark aims to support businesses by bringing visibility to the latest technology and understanding the timing for market access. There is an invitation for companies to join the founder team and contribute their thoughts, ideas, concerns, and suggestions for further improvement.

If you got interested, please contact Heikki Huhmo ( or other ICTOulu staff members to learn more on how the RadioPark could leverage benefits for your organization!

ICTOulu team