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Scale your brand with Scaleport AI

Today, we’re interviewing Nik Volynkin, CEO, and Ruslan Rusinov, CMO, from Scaleport AI. Scaleport AI is a brand-new company that focusses on custom AI solutions, and Nik and Ruslan will tell us exactly what their company is developing.

“I’m Nik from Scaleport AI, and we create a custom AI Assistant for eCommerce brands,” Nik explains. “In addition to automating customer support, we offer conversational sales assistants with perfect knowledge of eComm products that are able to give personalized recommendations on autopilot 24/7. This provides significant value to the end customers and business owners.”

Ruslan, Head of Marketing, says, “I’m responsible for developing and executing our marketing strategies to increase sales and growth. This is based on market research into industry trends and conversations with our existing and potential clients. I’m also in charge of digital marketing and creating media content. On the events side, we are in the planning stages for a hackathon and a few more AI and business-related events.”

The AI-solutions of Scaleport AI

At Scaleport AI, they focus on three AI-based solutions: custom-made advanced chatbots, visual advertisement creation, and SEO-optimized article generation. Their core product is the development of the custom AI-based chatbots; they are built specifically for each client, tailored to their unique needs. “The main characteristic of the chatbots is that they have a strong knowledge base. On top of that, we are building an advanced product recommendation system that can help customers with selecting the best product for their needs,” explains Ruslan. “The advantages of a smart chatbot are that customer service is good, reliable, and available 24/7. Research shows that companies often lose significant revenue to inefficient kinds of customer service, a trend that our chatbots can counter quite successfully”.

The company also creates AI-generated, high-ranking, and SEO-optimized articles. This AI solution can generate articles with the keywords that they want to be ranking for. SEO is important for online brands because it’s a long-term marketing strategy to get organic traffic, but it can also be time-consuming. With Scaleport AI’s solution, SEO becomes fast and simple.

Their third product is the creation of studio quality AI-generated visual ads. With this solution, there is no need to hire a photographer or rent a studio to create the ads that you want. For their customers, this is a very efficient way to create content that converts, and there’s no need to invest a lot of their precious time and money.

The Ups and Downs Podcast

Scaleport AI does more than just working on their products. They started recording a podcast called “Ups and Downs”, in which you can listen to successful and less-than-successful stories from the entrepreneurial world. “This is a great opportunity to speak with interesting and experienced people,” Ruslan says. “Having the podcast is also a great marketing channel for us at Scaleport AI”.

Next to that, they hold sales pitches at various events to promote and develop their business, and to find new customers. Recently, they held successful pitches at SLUSH side events, both in Helsinki and here in Oulu, and they will participate in similar events in the near future.

A cutting-edge voice assistant

In the area of Research & Development, they are working on an exciting new product; a voice assistant. It would enable customers to interact with a web store just by using their voice, like you would in a phone call. “I think this will be the next step in AI assistance, where people can communicate with the chatbot with their voice instead of through text,” Nik says. “The technology is getting quite good; it can transcribe your voice and generate responses quickly, and even generate a spoken version of the response. This is something we are very excited about”. This product has many advantages, since people can choose to call on the phone or use text-based chat, depending on their preferences. It also offers solutions for people with impaired vision or hearing, and for people who have trouble using their hands. They can interact with the customer’s website in any way that suits them.


Of course, AI is a hot topic at the moment, but Scaleport AI is not afraid of the competition. Nik says, “our main advantage over competitors is that we build 100% tailored AI solutions. When the client comes to us, we consider their specific requirements and create a custom solution that is never one-size-fits-all. We are quite comprehensive in our abilities, for example through our use of computer vision and image generation. Another advantage is us being an agile startup, which allows us to try new things fast, and learn fast if things don’t go as expected. It makes us flexible”.


Ruslan has one last thing to tell: “As a growing company, we are excited to share that Scaleport AI is raising their seed round. As part of that, we are looking for investors that want to be part of our journey. So, if you are interested in investing in a startup revolutionizing how people shop and interact with online stores, please get in touch: either through our website at, or contact Ruslan or Nik directly through LinkedIn. We are happy to share our results so far, and our plans for becoming the go-to AI partner in eCommerce”.

Text by Arjane Kerkhoven

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