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Metaverse has proven itself. The question is not if it arrives, but rather when it will arrive. It has been estimated that by 2024 we’ll have large scale products and services ensuring the mass applications and roll-out of various metaverse-platforms. Metaverse will profoundly change the way we communicate, work and connect with other people. There will be high-quality interactions – the user can communicate with others and with the virtual world. There will be immersive experiences creating motivation and increasing the perceived quality of user experience. There’ll also be lots of services portrayed in a way that is still impossible to fully understand.

Oulu-based companies are investing in building blocks of metaverse, especially in enabling technologies. The infrastructure of metaverse will be built on technologies such as 5G, Wifi6 and beyond, 6G, cloud, 7nm to 2nm, MEMS, GPUs and smart material. But there are also companies developing the human interface aspects of a metaverse. Those include mobile, smartglasses, wearables, haptic, gestures, voice controls and neurals. Decentralization is in the essence of the metaverse. It requires edge computing, blockchains, microservers and AI agents. Oulu-based companies are also working on spatial computing. Companies utilize various 3D engines and develop VR/AR/XR and geospatial mapping solutions. Companies are exceedingly attracted to metaverse right now. Join in and surf on the first wave!