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Edge computing

Distributed information technology architecture is steering many of the system designs, data processing models and end user device planning right now. This megatrend has raised interest in Oulu as well, and the software solutions provided for local and international customers are progressively including applications appreciating edge solutions. While the technology is still under development to some extent, the Oulu University Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering is developing working applications to be utilized in several industry sectors. The university collaborates with local businesses, giving the companies an excellent standpoint to lean forward when delivering their projects.

Oulu’s subnetwork for businesses developing and utilizing edge computing is compact, agile and willing to go forward by the first wave of the technology development in edge computing. Local background of wireless network technology development emphasizes heavily the edge computing as a tool of gaining smaller latencies, so you can rely on Oulu’s know-how on this topic with even the toughest of challenges.