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Health tech

Health tech is one of the fastest growing hi-tech fields in Finland, and the Oulu region makes up the second largest hub of health technology in the country. There are numerous companies in the health and life science sector that offer world-class expertise and expand to international markets. Health and life science companies, research institutions and the public sector operate as a network called OuluHealth. This innovative ecosystem collaborates closely to create new business opportunities, boost the development of companies, and to offer better solutions for developing healthcare services and well-being around the world.

OuluHealth is one the Europe’s leading eco systems in health sector converging health and life science solutions with ICT. As one result, the world’s smartest hospital (OYS2030) is being built in Oulu with the newest technologies, modern facilities and up-to-date expertise that will combine to ensure effective and influential care that is the best in the world. OuluHealth also provides a unique service with OuluHealth Labs: a co-creation platform that enables cooperation between health and social care providers, research and innovation organizations and companies. OuluHealth Labs consist of four test bed facilities, which provide an integrated development environment and end-users’ feedback for every phase of a R&D process.