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Processor development/System on Chip

Processor development image

Processors are the defining element in future digital value chains. Current themes nominating the overall industry include topics such as energy efficiency, edge capabilities and ability to operate with the variety of software ecosystems. Finland and Oulu have been active on this field not least because of the European Union Chips Act and the possibility to identify logical invest-in–cases that build on the availability of talent pool and further production as well as on local cluster of stakeholders that utilize and benefit from such an intervention.

Oulu has a variety of dedicated companies developing or deploying either actual chips or software designed to manipulate the chips’ behavior in nominated settings and applications. Oulu is the most important location in Finland in terms of chips industry as a whole. Our universities emphasize the talent production on this field, and Oulu has been successful in attracting significant satellite units of a few international players. Take a more thorough look into our companies and resources, and let’s initiate cooperation!