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EdTech, short for Education Technology, is one of the most exciting sectors in the economy today, re-shaping how education systems work and how people learn. It is a young but rapidly growing business around the world. Finland is an opportune location for Edtech development, known for its state-of-the-art education system based on excellent pedagogical know-how, technology expertise and business-friendly environment. Oulu still has its own exceptional strengths, especially in tech, including profound expertise in wireless technology. There is a lot of demand for education export in the form of Edtech solutions, applications and games – and plenty of local potential to provide them.

The Learning & Educational Technology Research Unit (LET) of Oulu University develops computer supported collaborative learning methods and learning tools. It also provides minor subject studies in Educational Technology, giving hands-on experience with emergent technologies. For a few years, Oulu University of Applied Sciences also held the award-winning EduLAB training, where interdisciplinary teams are created to develop prototypes of Edtech solutions and tools.

With co-creation, Edtech products and services can be refined to better respond to the needs of the educational sector. The European Edtech Alliance (EEA) has a mission to support the growth of the European Edtech sector, and to connect and strengthen the pan-European Edtech ecosystem. EEA has recently launched the European Edtech Map in order to create a common picture of the European Edtech landscape.