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Industry 4.0

We are currently witnessing a radical transformation on the way the companies manufacture, improve and distribute their products. Many of the actors are integrating new technologies heavily into their production facilities and throughout their operations, including the internet of things, cloud computing and analytics, and AI and machine learning capabilities. While Oulu has a significant group of companies focusing on developing the IoT-technology, data-driven business solutions and AI applications, we can offer you both narrow niche solutions and holistic systems drawing from the portfolios of various local companies.

If you are looking for new solutions to make your factory smarter, to add value supported by many-sided data, to increase the level of automation, to add efficiency and ability to predict to maintenance processes, or to level-up the self-optimization skills of systems, look no further. Oulu and its industry 4.0 companies form the first pit stop on your way to the fourth industrial revolution.