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A virtual world

The Metaverse has established its viability, with the question shifting from ‘if’ to ‘when’ it will arrive. Projections suggest that by 2024, widespread adoption of metaverse platforms will revolutionize communication, work dynamics, and social connectivity, offering immersive experiences and high-quality interactions. Oulu-based companies are pivotal in laying the groundwork for the metaverse, investing in enabling technologies like 5G, Wifi6, cloud computing, and advanced hardware. Moreover, they’re spearheading the development of human interface components crucial for a seamless metaverse experience, including mobile, wearables, and gesture controls.

Decentralization, a core tenet of the metaverse, is being addressed through innovations in edge computing, blockchain, and AI. Simultaneously, Oulu’s software development firms are at the forefront of harnessing blockchain technology, integral to both the metaverse and Web 3.0. They actively collaborate with stakeholders, exploring new business cases and solutions while leveraging their expertise to develop relevant applications. Oulu’s proactive engagement in this realm is evidenced by events like the Metaverse Strategy Days, regularly hosted in the city, showcasing its commitment to shaping the future of digital interaction.