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Web 3.0

One of the biggest buzzwords for 2022 is clearly web 3.0, the next evolutionary step for the internet. It is naturally an umbrella term including a wide variety of technologies, for example AI, edge computing, blockchain, metaverse, and decentralized services allowing end users to control their identity and other data contents as they will. While web 3.0 is now being built by different big actors, many of its core technologies are also developed in Oulu.

Oulu-based companies focus mainly on building block of the web 3.0. As you can see from the company listing, we have a variety of businesses offering niche solutions for independent solutions for web 3.0. Whether it is machine learning, virtual reality solutions, advanced cellular network or edge computing, it makes sense to take a closer look at Oulu offerings. A noteworthy aspect for local resources is also the software application development capabilities that can be built specifically to consider web 3.0 requirements.