Oulu Event at Dubai Expo


City on the Edge:
Exciting Future of 6G and the Smart North

Where: Finnish Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai
When: March 18, 10.30 am – 4.30 pm

Registration: Register here by March 17, 6 pm

Oulu offers the optimal ecosystem for cutting-edge innovations and expertise. During half a century of global ICT leadership focused on technological breakthroughs, we have learned that our edge does not just cut – it creates.

Every day, nearly three billion people globally use mobile technologies developed in Oulu. The city has been at the forefront of 3G, 4G and 5G development, and is now going fast towards 6G. 6G Flagship of the University of Oulu was even the first – and still leading – 6G RDI program in the world..

Oulu, the fastest growing region in the Nordics, is an international business city full of opportunities in technology, culture, and everything in between, and a hub for research, development, education, and co-creation. The collaboration between companies, the public sector, and academia is intensive.

Join us for Oulu Day in Finnish Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai to learn more!

In the company of our speakers and panelists, you will discover how future is being created in Oulu and how it will change all of our lives.

Morning Reception:

Discover How Future Will Change Our Lives – Deep Dive into 6G

10.00 am
Pavilion opens
Morning Coffee

10.30 am
Opening of the event
Mr. Simo Kekäläinen hosting

Opening speech
Ms. Tytti Tuppurainen, Minister for European Affairs and Ownership Steering of Finland (online)

Welcome to Oulu
Mr. Mikko Salmi, Director of Communications, City of Oulu

Keynote presentation: 6G – What does it mean?
Prof. Ari Pouttu, Vice-Director, 6G Flagship, University of Oulu

Panel discussion
Mr. Aji Ed, CTO Mobile Networks MEA, Nokia
Prof. Ari Pouttu, Vice-Director, 6G Flagship, University of Oulu
Mr. Juha Ala-Mursula, Director, BusinessOulu

Conclusion of the discussion

12.00 pm
Closing of the event

12.00 – 2.00 pm
Networking and lunch

Experience the amazing possibilities of Digital Magic, brought to you by astonishing magician Mr. Joni Pakanen during the event.

Afternoon Reception:

Visit Oulu – centre of educational programmes and destination of fast-growing tourism

2.30 pm
Afternoon Coffee

3.00 pm
Opening of the event
Mr. Simo Kekäläinen hosting

Oulu Educational offering – How innovative solutions are found through collaboration in education?

Oulu and Pohjola Route scenic ring road – a new way to discover Finland from the sea to the arctic fells.
Mr. Yrjötapio Kivisaari, Managing Director, VisitOulu

Networking and meetings

4.30 pm
Closing of the event

Experience the amazing possibilities of Digital Magic, brought to you by the astonishing Mr. Joni Pakanen during the event.

Registration: Register here by March 17, 6 pm

More information

Welcome to Oulu – the city on the edge

Oulu offers a higher grade of living. Get to know Oulu. It is a northern European city of culture, exuding compassionate energy and buzzing with technological innovations for the future.

Oulu is known for the amazingly high quality of everyday living, international career and self-development opportunities that are open to all, and an inspiring culture for investments, innovation, and business. Oulu is an insightful and down-to-earth city that lives and breathes on the terms of the northern nature. It is also a meeting place for talent and meaningful opportunities for the future. Oulu has space and time for encounters that can turn your whole life around. A higher grade of living!

oulu.com site (opens in new tab)

Welcome to the University of Oulu – 6G Flagship programme

The programme supports the industry in the finalisation of 5G. The Flagship will carry out technology and system pilots for selected verticals by co-creating with companies and ensure the availability of timely relevant wireless expertise for industry needs. It will enable economic growth via early adaption of critical smart society technologies and speed up digitalization in the society.

Digitalization via 5G is strongly driven through the key verticals. The Flagship promotes development of vertical applications and services in a full-stack model including connectivity, services, content, end-user community and appropriate devices. The Flagship increases the impact of the 5G-driven society in building expertise around critical verticals and in developing those ecosystems further, both in co-operation with the existing ecosystems and by promoting new forms.

6G Flagship site (opens in a new tab: oulu.fi)

Welcome to the Future of Education- PINO Network

PINO Network is a collaboration network of educational professionals in Northern Finland. The members are either public educational organisations or private enterprises within the region. PINO members showcase the best educational products and solutions for both educational content and infrastructure. We help educational organisations in our area to develop their skills and find partners to create international products and services for education and participate in global education development. Our members’ products include learning materials, professional development programmes, educational games, software products, school buildings and infrastructure, educational concepts, and consulting services.

PINO Network site (opens in new tab: pinonetwork.fi)

Welcome to the Oulu region – just for fun

From city life to the sound of silence, the Oulu region pampers you with colourful northern experiences and adventures that refresh and inspire you to the core. The Oulu region ties together 9 destinations which all provide you with specialties of their own. Experience the magic by travelling the new Pohjola Route northern ring road.

VisitOulu site (opens in new tab: visitoulu.fi)

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It brings participants together and provides shared experiences.

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”1st price in Streaming Magic Championships 2021”

“Performer of the Year 2019”

“Magician of the Year 2018”

Joni Pakanen official website (opens in new tab: virtuaalitaikuri.fi):

Oulu offers you pioneership in technology along with an international operating environment at the heart of northern potential and purchasing power.