North Finland Film Commission

North Finland Film Commission

Easy to reach, easy to realise

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The region of North Finland Film Commission (NFFC) is located in the middle of Finland and therefore includes the best parts of both Eastern and Western Finland – fells with snow-covered trees in the east and an arctic sea with variable coastal area in the west.

Map of Central Finland

North Finland Film Commission is your first link to the local authorities and the film infrastructure in Northern Finland. NFFC has offices in Oulu, the business hub of Northern Finland, easily reachable by plane, train, or car. Oulu is an insightful and down-to-earth city that lives and breathes on the terms of the northern nature. The city of Oulu has a regional incentive up to 10%. In addition, the area offers variable seasons and versatile options for filming locations.

Winter in Oulu, seen from the air

Up to 10% regional production incentive

Eligible costs are expenses related to the production incurred in the city of Oulu.

25% Finnish cash rebate

Finland offers a fast and simple 25% cash rebate to cover production costs in Finland. The production incentive is managed by Business Finland.

Choose a season that suits your story

Summer night in Nallikari, Oulu

– the sun that never sets

– a firework of colours

Snowy trees in winter

– snowy wonderland

Spingtime on Varjakka island

– awakening nature

Choose a location:

Short distances and a great logistic network combined with reliable and precise co-operation makes filming easy to actualise.

Contact information

Reetta Turula

Film Commissioner
North Finland Film Commission
+358 40 489 5865