Loo­king to gain emplo­y­ment, acqui­re a men­tor or make new pro­fes­sio­nal con­nec­tions in Oulu?

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Eve­ry year, thousands of inter­na­tio­nal stu­dents come to the uni­ver­si­ty of Oulu as stu­dents or researc­hers. Most of the stu­dents wan­ting to stay back and gain work expe­rience here. Some might even want to stu­dy furt­her and get into research. So whe­re can stu­dents, main­ly inter­na­tio­nal stu­dents and researc­hers, go to get gui­dance on CV wri­ting, networ­king, upda­ting their skills or simply unders­tand the Fin­nish work envi­ron­ment?

Uni­ver­si­ty of Oulu pro­vi­des gui­dance and much more to its stu­dents and researc­hers through Career cen­ter, whe­re Ange­la Suor­sa is the career coun­se­lor. An amazing per­so­na­li­ty who, with all the years of expe­rience, will give the best advice to help you grow.

Loca­ted at the heart of the Lin­nan­maa cam­pus, Career cen­ter is your one stop place to go if you need any help regar­ding, you gues­sed it, career!

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Ange­la Suor­sa is the career coun­se­lor of Career cen­ter.

They also pro­vi­de infor­ma­tion on all types of jobs like sum­mer jobs, interns­hips, research work, you name it, and they can offer their gui­dance.

They hold many works­hops throug­hout the year hel­ping both stu­dents and researc­hers get ‘work rea­dy’ whe­re they help in per­so­nal bran­ding, ele­va­tor pitch, CV and Lin­ke­dIn buil­ding, and networ­king. The­se works­hops are very infor­ma­ti­ve regar­ding wor­king life in Fin­land, the dos and don’ts of inter­views, giving prac­tical advice to job see­kers.

They have taken a lot of ini­tia­ti­ves to help cater to the needs of the stu­dents and researc­hers, which are prai­sewort­hy. Some of the other ser­vices they pro­vi­de are:

  1. Drop in career coac­hing
  2. Mock inter­view and ele­va­tor pitch
  3. Ser­vices for doc­to­ral researc­hers
  4. Arc­tic advisors–they pro­vi­de gui­dance on living in Oulu and about uni­ver­si­ty life. They are the­re to answer any ques­tions that you might have on the topic.

The­re are many rec­ruit­ment events at the cam­pus held all throug­hout the year as well. You can have a look at the upco­ming events, details on the abo­ve ser­vices on their web­si­te:

Career Cent­re | Uni­ver­si­ty of Oulu