Looking to gain employment, acquire a mentor or make new professional connections in Oulu?

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Every year, thousands of international students come to the university of Oulu as students or researchers. Most of the students wanting to stay back and gain work experience here. Some might even want to study further and get into research. So where can students, mainly international students and researchers, go to get guidance on CV writing, networking, updating their skills or simply understand the Finnish work environment?

University of Oulu provides guidance and much more to its students and researchers through Career center, where Angela Suorsa is the career counselor. An amazing personality who, with all the years of experience, will give the best advice to help you grow.

Located at the heart of the Linnanmaa campus, Career center is your one stop place to go if you need any help regarding, you guessed it, career!

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Angela Suorsa is the career counselor of Career center.

They also provide information on all types of jobs like summer jobs, internships, research work, you name it, and they can offer their guidance.

They hold many workshops throughout the year helping both students and researchers get ‘work ready’ where they help in personal branding, elevator pitch, CV and LinkedIn building, and networking. These workshops are very informative regarding working life in Finland, the dos and don’ts of interviews, giving practical advice to job seekers.

They have taken a lot of initiatives to help cater to the needs of the students and researchers, which are praiseworthy. Some of the other services they provide are:

  1. Drop in career coaching
  2. Mock interview and elevator pitch
  3. Services for doctoral researchers
  4. Arctic advisors–they provide guidance on living in Oulu and about university life. They are there to answer any questions that you might have on the topic.

There are many recruitment events at the campus held all throughout the year as well. You can have a look at the upcoming events, details on the above services on their website:

Career Centre | University of Oulu