“Quite an amazing experience“ – International student day company visit

Group of people at Finnish company

Oulu Talent Hub along with Oulu Chamber of Commerce as part of their international week activities, had organized the international student day where students were invited to meet and learn more about companies operating in Oulu, Finland on the 3rd of November 2022.

Nokia, Flex LTD, ilLOQ LTD, Fingersoft LTD, and Ostrobothnia Value Investment Cooperative were the five companies opening their doors to international students and foreign degree holders of various study fields.

We had fifty students attending the event. Bus service was provided to students to access some companies.

The agenda for the companies was to introduce themselves to the students with info about various work opportunities, application processes, etc. Great discussions were made over some coffee and snacks!

Group of people at Finnish company

Visitors at Nokia.

The event was a great success and the initiative was appreciated by both students and companies. These are some of the comments from students about the visit:

“This is a much-needed motivation to apply for Nokia!”

“It was quite an amazing experience visiting iLOQ and getting to know what they are doing. The technology behind the story, business and also the opportunities we have as students. The session was energetic and friendly. Very nice and valuable experience.”

“The visit to Flex was great. I discovered many new areas of the company and how they work with their international team. Also, I learned about the different work positions and how could I apply to them.”

Group of people at Finnish company

Visitors at Flex.

“The event was well organized and informative. I have got a lot of new information about co-operative activities, strategy, and structure. I am interested in getting more information about, for example, how to become a co-operative member of Arvo-osuuskunta.”

“It was a good experience visiting Fingersoft. It was engaging, and I learned new things and steered up my insights on learning new skills. Also, it was an opportunity to visit a company on Oulu and see how the organizational structure of a company looks like in Finland.”

Group of people at Finnish company

Visitors at Fingersoft.

Simultaneously, the companies had excellent reviews as well:

“There were excellent discussions, and it was great to meet international students!”

“The event was very good, warm, inspiring, and energizing!”

“They had a lot of great questions about the company, products, etc.”

Both employers and students expressed a strong desire for more of such events connecting international job seekers and employers. This event was organized as part of the diversity and inclusion of international talents in Finland.

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Text: Shefat Islam