Two people are sitting on a sofa and laughing in front of a colourful wall. The wall has black and pink stripes and the shapes of clouds on it. One of the people has the word “bitti” written with light letters on the wall behind her.

Is doing research or working in Oulu on your bucket list? Or is your company planning to go global and would like to hire an international talent?

Oulu is the meeting place for work and talent. Here it is easy to combine good life with meaningful employment – whatever this means for you! The health and ICT industries among others are constantly looking for new talent, but there are interesting career options in every field. Many innovative companies have rocketed to the international market straight from Oulu.

Oulu Talent Hub – we bring talent and companies together

Are you missing talent or looking for a job? No need to worry – Oulu Talent Hub will solve your problem! The aim of Oulu Talent Hub is to connect international talent with local companies suffering from the lack of workforce. As a bonus, the Oulu region becomes more widely known and attractive to international talent in general.

There are many sorts of talent services available – such as events, company visits, and career counselling. Companies benefit from mentoring and different types of coaching content.

The Oulu Talent Hub project is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and executed by BusinessOulu, the University of Oulu, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, OSAO Educational Consortium, and Oulu Chamber of Commerce.

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Three people are sitting at a table with coffee cups and laughing together.

Villa Victor – Finnish language training

Are you looking for a place for networking and studying a new language, for example? Multicultural centre Villa Victor provides Finnish language lessons and guidance in different languages free of charge.

Two smiling women are standing in front of a wall with a pattern. One of the women has a scarf on her head, and they are both holding folders with the word “Oske” printed on them.

Oske – employment counselling for immigrants

Oulun osaamiskeskus (Oske) is a service directed to job seekers with an immigrant background. Oske customers get multi-vocational support and guidance in recognising their personal expertise, finding employment, and studying.

Talent stories

The incredible journey of Chiara Bosetti

Oulu Talent Hub Ambassador Chiara Bosetti, originally from Italy, came to Oulu one year ago. “I had great expectations, and I certainly got what I was looking for”, she says.

Woman smiling at the front of Oulu University

“During my first walks in Oulu, I felt like I was in a fairy tale”

Débora Oliveira, 34, is from São Paulo, Brazil. Besides doing a master’s in education and globalisation at the University of Oulu, she is a communications trainee at Oulu Talent Hub.

Woman smiling next to trees

How Oulu became a must-go place for a former BBC journalist?

Right now, Erika Benke is working as a contributor to BBC News and as a freelance journalist. Before moving to Oulu, she lived in London for 23 years. She found here the quality of life she was looking for. “After two years of working in Oulu, I’m still as relaxed as if I was on holiday”, she says.

Doris Yue believes her dreams will come true in Oulu

Doris Yue, 35, came to Oulu from Hong Kong. She is married with a Finnish man and moved to Oulu about two and a half years ago. Now she works as an architect and enjoys her life.

Nainen hymyilee kameralle

“Northern Lights – the best thing to experience in Oulu”

Sharmin Farah came to Oulu from Bangladesh. Her life has changed significantly during the five years she have lived in Finland. Though it has been a rollercoaster ride, I am enjoying this journey, Sharmin says.

”You must come to Oulu with an open mind and a big smile”

Junnaid Iqbal works as a System Simulation Engineer at Nokia. He has been in Oulu nearly two and a half years.

“Oulu is a perfect environment for families”

Tamara Louis, 30, is an architectural designer living in Oulu. She came here from Russia in September 2012. We interviewed Tamara about her thoughts on living and working in Oulu.

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Are you looking for a job or a new career?

These are some of the websites that will inform you about vacant positions and support your career planning.

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