Vil­laa ylle – Mul­ticul­tu­ral Knit­ting and Croc­he­ting Club

Welco­me to spend cozy Fri­day mor­nings with knit­ting need­les, croc­he­ting hooks and casual chat!

Bring your own han­dic­raft, or come and learn the basics of knit­ting or croc­he­ting. We will bor­row you equip­ment so you can give it a try.

We help each other and you may prac­ti­se your Fin­nish spea­king skills.

The first mee­ting of spring sea­son is on Fri­day, Janua­ry 12, 2024 at 10.00–11.30. No regi­stra­tion, just show up!

Eve­ry­one is welco­me regard­less for natio­na­li­ty or background.

Orga­nized by: Mul­ticul­tu­ral Cent­re Vil­la Vic­tor