Welco­me to the Volun­teer Work Oppor­tu­ni­ties Fair!

Three women

The event is for tho­se who want to learn more about volun­tee­ring, meet orga­niza­tions that pro­vi­de such oppor­tu­ni­ties, and hear tips and success sto­ries from expe­rienced volun­teers.

You will lis­ten to a panel discus­sion whe­re you will hear first-hand expe­riences from volun­teers and get tips on how to search and apply for volun­teer work. The­re will be seve­ral orga­niza­tions pro­mo­ting their oppor­tu­ni­ties on sta­ge, and you will be able to regis­ter as a volun­teer right away if you want to. The­re will be snacks, cof­fee, and tea avai­lable at the event. The event is free of char­ge!


17.00 Cof­fee
17.10 Ope­ning words
17.15 Panel discus­sion with volun­teers

17.45 Volun­teer Work Offers by the Fin­nish Red Cross
18.00 Volun­teer Work Offers by ODL – Oulun Dia­ko­nis­sa­lai­tos
18.15 Cof­fee break
18.25 Volun­teer Work Offers by TEDxOu­lu
18.40 Volun­teer Work Offers by Star­tup Refu­gees
18.55–20.00 Mee­ting orga­niza­tions at their stands & networ­king

Avai­lable for networ­king at stands: Vuol­le, Fin­nish Red Cross, ODL – Oulun Dia­ko­nis­sa­lai­tos, TEDxOu­lu, Star­tupRe­fu­gees and Bloom Fin­land.

The orga­nizers reser­ve the right to chan­ges.

For more infor­ma­tion about the event:

Con­tact Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu at ihoulu@ouka.fi