Meet the Oulu Talent Hub ambas­sa­dors!

Oulu Talent Hub Ambassadors

Chia­ra, Mous­ta­fa, Shar­min and Niy­ati are Oulu Talent Hub ambas­sa­dors 2022. Get a glimp­se of their life and thoughts!

Niy­ati Kan­di­kan­ti, India

“Namas­te! I am Niy­ati Kan­di­kan­ti, a phar­macist, a bioc­he­mist, an Inter­na­tio­nal Double-Degree Mas­ters’ stu­dent and an Oulu Talent Hub ambas­sa­dor, who hails from India and cur­rent­ly lives in the beau­ti­ful city of Oulu.

Whi­le I’m comple­ting my pro gra­du, which is the final master’s the­sis here in Fin­land, I am also an acti­ve stu­dent at Uni­ver­si­ty of Oulu – as an OYY stu­dent mem­ber repre­sen­ta­ti­ve in seve­ral admi­ni­stra­ti­ve com­mit­tees, an ambas­sa­dor, a well­being tutor etc.

Oulu is a very hap­pe­ning place and for someo­ne like me who enjo­ys being a part of events, I have many oppor­tu­ni­ties to orga­ni­se well­being and cul­tu­ral acti­vi­ties.”

Mous­ta­fa Khai­ri, Egypt

Moustafa Khairi

“Moi! It is Mous­ta­fa Khai­ri from Alexandria, Egypt. I came to Oulu in Janua­ry 2021 to pur­sue my mas­ter’s degree in Com­pu­ter Science with Arti­ficial Intel­li­gence major at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Oulu. I am cur­rent­ly wor­king as a cloud engi­neer at Nordcloud and I am also an Oulu Talent Hub ambas­sa­dor.

Since I came to Fin­land, I have been part of dif­fe­rent enti­ties and stu­dent associa­tions and I am the foun­der and lead of Google DSC at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Oulu. Living, stu­dying, and wor­king in Oulu have been an exci­ting and rewar­ding expe­rience pro­fes­sio­nal­ly and on my per­so­nal level. Oulu’s high-qua­li­ty life and the ext­ra beau­ti­ful natu­re make it one of the most unique places in the world!”

Chia­ra Boset­ti, Ita­ly

“Hel­lo, my name is Chia­ra and I am Oulu Talent Hub ambas­sa­dor coming from Ita­ly. I work as Doc­to­ral Researc­her at Uni­ver­si­ty of Oulu at its Pro­tein and Struc­tu­ral Bio­lo­gy Research Unit.

I came to Oulu one year ago and imme­dia­te­ly felt like this was the per­fect place to start my career and whe­re to begin an amazing jour­ney of per­so­nal growth.

Today, I think of Oulu as my home. What I like the most is to bike around the city to explo­re and enjoy eve­ry cor­ner. I love the snow, pain­ting and be around people!”

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Shar­min Farah, Bangla­desh

Sharmin Farah

“Salam. I am Shar­min Farah. I am an Inter­na­tio­nal Talent living in Oulu, wor­king as a Mar­ke­ting Mana­ger at Visi­don Oy. A couple of days back, I got a Green Award from Green Inge­nious Busi­ness Pvt. Ltd., India for my cont­ri­bu­tion to pro­vi­ding sus­tai­nable and financial­ly viable solu­tions for tackling glo­bal issues through my par­tici­pa­tion in #socialstorm2016 at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Oulu. Though it is a litt­le cont­ri­bu­tion, eve­ry litt­le thing mat­ters, right?

Recent­ly, I have got selec­ted as an Oulu Talent Hub ambas­sa­dor. The main idea is for joi­ning this ambas­sa­dor pro­gram to be a part of the Oulu Talent Hub network and build con­nec­tions between inter­na­tio­nal talent and local com­pa­nies.

When any inter­na­tio­nal talent comes to a dif­fe­rent count­ry, they get an envi­ron­men­tal and cul­tu­ral shock. That hap­pe­ned to me as well. Whi­le coming to Fin­land, my first impres­sion was why the­re are not so many buil­dings but trees! Later, I came to know that Fin­land is a count­ry of trees and never-ending forests. Accor­ding to rough esti­ma­tes, the­re are about ten trees per eve­ry per­son in the world in the Fin­nish forests. As I love natu­re, it was a bles­sing to come here!

If I want to talk about the cul­tu­ral shock, you can­not be able to see so many people in the street. And people always make dis­tance from each other in the bus sta­tion. That is also not a com­mon thing in my home count­ry! You can adjust but it needs time.

Fin­nish people do not ini­tia­te con­ver­sa­tion at first, but you can talk about anyt­hing with them when it is star­ted. They even res­pect any pro­fes­sio­nal per­son whet­her they are deli­ve­ry wor­kers or clea­ners. That is the best thing I found on them!

Oulu’s weat­her is full of surpri­ses. It is dark and ext­re­me cold in win­ter whi­le it is sun­ny and hot in sum­mer. If someo­ne comes from a tro­pical count­ry, it will be hard at first to adjust to the win­ter weat­her but if you dress up well, you can still enjoy the snow and the beau­ti­ful and calm win­ter weat­her. The light period of the North is known for its long sum­mer day and short win­ter day. In Oulu, sum­mer days are nice and beau­ti­ful. You can see 22 hours of light in sum­mer and enjoy the beau­ty of the bright sky!

Final­ly, the­re is a concept cal­led ‘sisu’ which means strength of will. In my 5 years rol­ler-coas­ter jour­ney, I have deve­lo­ped this atti­tu­de, thanks to my parents who have always moti­va­ted me through this jour­ney. Any per­son can easi­ly deve­lop ‘sisu’ after coming here, which will help them to adjust to any situa­tion and overco­me any kind of shock!”

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