Meet the Oulu Talent Hub ambassadors!

Oulu Talent Hub Ambassadors

Chiara, Moustafa, Sharmin and Niyati are Oulu Talent Hub ambassadors 2022. Get a glimpse of their life and thoughts!

Niyati Kandikanti, India

“Namaste! I am Niyati Kandikanti, a pharmacist, a biochemist, an International Double-Degree Masters’ student and an Oulu Talent Hub ambassador, who hails from India and currently lives in the beautiful city of Oulu.

While I’m completing my pro gradu, which is the final master’s thesis here in Finland, I am also an active student at University of Oulu – as an OYY student member representative in several administrative committees, an ambassador, a wellbeing tutor etc.

Oulu is a very happening place and for someone like me who enjoys being a part of events, I have many opportunities to organise wellbeing and cultural activities.”

Moustafa Khairi, Egypt

Moustafa Khairi

“Moi! It is Moustafa Khairi from Alexandria, Egypt. I came to Oulu in January 2021 to pursue my master’s degree in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence major at the University of Oulu. I am currently working as a cloud engineer at Nordcloud and I am also an Oulu Talent Hub ambassador.

Since I came to Finland, I have been part of different entities and student associations and I am the founder and lead of Google DSC at the University of Oulu. Living, studying, and working in Oulu have been an exciting and rewarding experience professionally and on my personal level. Oulu’s high-quality life and the extra beautiful nature make it one of the most unique places in the world!”

Chiara Bosetti, Italy

“Hello, my name is Chiara and I am Oulu Talent Hub ambassador coming from Italy. I work as Doctoral Researcher at University of Oulu at its Protein and Structural Biology Research Unit.

I came to Oulu one year ago and immediately felt like this was the perfect place to start my career and where to begin an amazing journey of personal growth.

Today, I think of Oulu as my home. What I like the most is to bike around the city to explore and enjoy every corner. I love the snow, painting and be around people!”

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Sharmin Farah, Bangladesh

Sharmin Farah

“Salam. I am Sharmin Farah. I am an International Talent living in Oulu, working as a Marketing Manager at Visidon Oy. A couple of days back, I got a Green Award from Green Ingenious Business Pvt. Ltd., India for my contribution to providing sustainable and financially viable solutions for tackling global issues through my participation in #socialstorm2016 at the University of Oulu. Though it is a little contribution, every little thing matters, right?

Recently, I have got selected as an Oulu Talent Hub ambassador. The main idea is for joining this ambassador program to be a part of the Oulu Talent Hub network and build connections between international talent and local companies.

When any international talent comes to a different country, they get an environmental and cultural shock. That happened to me as well. While coming to Finland, my first impression was why there are not so many buildings but trees! Later, I came to know that Finland is a country of trees and never-ending forests. According to rough estimates, there are about ten trees per every person in the world in the Finnish forests. As I love nature, it was a blessing to come here!

If I want to talk about the cultural shock, you cannot be able to see so many people in the street. And people always make distance from each other in the bus station. That is also not a common thing in my home country! You can adjust but it needs time.

Finnish people do not initiate conversation at first, but you can talk about anything with them when it is started. They even respect any professional person whether they are delivery workers or cleaners. That is the best thing I found on them!

Oulu’s weather is full of surprises. It is dark and extreme cold in winter while it is sunny and hot in summer. If someone comes from a tropical country, it will be hard at first to adjust to the winter weather but if you dress up well, you can still enjoy the snow and the beautiful and calm winter weather. The light period of the North is known for its long summer day and short winter day. In Oulu, summer days are nice and beautiful. You can see 22 hours of light in summer and enjoy the beauty of the bright sky!

Finally, there is a concept called ‘sisu’ which means strength of will. In my 5 years roller-coaster journey, I have developed this attitude, thanks to my parents who have always motivated me through this journey. Any person can easily develop ‘sisu’ after coming here, which will help them to adjust to any situation and overcome any kind of shock!”

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