Kaksi miestä on kiivennyt seisomaan vaaleanpunaisen talon julkisivua vasten ja ottavat tukea toisistaan ja julkisivun osista. Julkisivussa olevan oven yläpuolella lukee Oulun yliopisto.

What could be a more fun place to study than Oulu? The youthful city offers education in several different levels – naturally with a decent dose of extracurricular activities and all the excitement of student life.

Oulu is known as the fastest growing urban region in Arctic Europe – and an excellent city for education. In Oulu, you can find friends throughout your educational journey: The region has 250 000 inhabitants with 120 nationalities represented.

Currently, Oulu is home to 25 000 university students – join the party!

Oppilaita työskentelemässä

Education and research for everyone

This is the perfect moment to join the crowd of happy students and become an Oulu resident. Oulu offers not only high-quality education but also first-class comfort of living.

Do you want to study Finnish in Oulu?

Are you looking for a sneak peek into Finnish? Or have you already studied some Finnish and wish to continue learning? Oulu has hundreds of Finnish courses on offer for all levels of students.