Kaksi miestä on kiivennyt seisomaan vaaleanpunaisen talon julkisivua vasten ja ottavat tukea toisistaan ja julkisivun osista. Julkisivussa olevan oven yläpuolella lukee Oulun yliopisto.

What could be a more fun place to stu­dy than Oulu? The youth­ful city offers educa­tion in seve­ral dif­fe­rent levels – natu­ral­ly with a decent dose of ext­racur­ricu­lar acti­vi­ties and all the exci­te­ment of stu­dent life.

Oulu is known as the fas­test growing urban region in Arc­tic Euro­pe – and an excel­lent city for educa­tion. In Oulu, you can find friends throug­hout your educa­tio­nal jour­ney: The region has 250 000 inha­bi­tants with 120 natio­na­li­ties repre­sen­ted.

Cur­rent­ly, Oulu is home to 25 000 uni­ver­si­ty stu­dents – join the par­ty!

Oppilaita työskentelemässä

Educa­tion and research for eve­ry­one

This is the per­fect moment to join the crowd of hap­py stu­dents and beco­me an Oulu resi­dent. Oulu offers not only high-qua­li­ty educa­tion but also first-class com­fort of living.

Do you want to stu­dy Fin­nish in Oulu?

Are you loo­king for a sneak peek into Fin­nish? Or have you alrea­dy stu­died some Fin­nish and wish to con­ti­nue lear­ning? Oulu has hundreds of Fin­nish cour­ses on offer for all levels of stu­dents.