Join the Inter­na­tion­al House Oulu Ambas­sador Team 2024!

IH Oulu Ambassadors

Inter­na­tion­al House Oulu ambas­sadors Eduar­do, Pavani and Jun are look­ing for new team mem­bers. Will you be one of them?

We want Oulu to be an inter­na­tion­al­ly attrac­tive place to work, study, car­ry out research, and invest in. How about you? Do you want to be part of the Inter­na­tion­al House Oulu net­work and get new oppor­tu­ni­ties?

Inter­na­tion­al House Oulu pro­vides a com­pre­hen­sive range of ser­vices for inter­na­tion­al peo­ple as a one-stop venue to enhance everyone’s life effec­tive­ly.

Our ambas­sador pro­gramme is intend­ed for inter­na­tion­al employ­ees, researchers, and stu­dents. Two new ambas­sadors will start with this pro­gramme in Jan­u­ary, and it will last until the end of the year 2024. The sea­son of the elect­ed ambas­sadors can last for a max­i­mum of two years.

Who are we look­ing for?

What are your tasks?


Your reward will be paid as a gift card. It is a 100-euro gift vouch­er for any Osu­uskaup­pa Ari­na place of busi­ness.

How to apply?

Tell us about your­self and your ideas for the Inter­na­tion­al House Oulu ambas­sador pro­gramme. Write your sto­ry and include a short video. We’d also like to hear your answers to the fol­low­ing ques­tions:

Send your appli­ca­tion by Decem­ber 14th 2023: annakaisa.vaaraniemi(a)

If you have any ques­tions, please con­tact annakaisa.vaaraniemi(a) or + 358 40 182 9071.

Or you can con­tact to our ambas­sadors and ask them your ques­tions: