High­lights of the Työn­tai­ta­jak­si 2024 event

Työntaitajaksi event

Työn­tai­ta­jik­si 2024 – the pro­fes­sio­nal and wor­king-life event for young people – was more ver­sa­ti­le and enter­tai­ning than befo­re.

At the Työn­tai­ta­jik­si event, the English-spea­king ses­sion was very fasci­na­ting with lots of infor­ma­tion from the pane­lists about the “Wor­king life in the Oulu region – facts and tips” along with ses­sion on “What kind of emplo­yees Fin­land needs” by Pia Kle­met­ti, Pai­ja Group. The ses­sion was grace­ful­ly mode­ra­tor by She­fat Islam, from Business­Oulu.

The pane­lists inclu­ded-

Kate­ry­na Hudozh­nyk sha­red her jour­ney, emp­ha­sizing the impor­tance of networ­king and per­se­ve­rance. Lan­ding in Oulu and navi­ga­ting the job mar­ket was a tes­ta­ment to resi­lience; it took nume­rous applica­tions befo­re secu­ring her cur­rent role. What stood out was the Fin­nish wor­king cul­tu­re’s emp­ha­sis on balance and equa­li­ty, a refres­hing surpri­se from her pre­vious expe­riences. For newco­mers, Kate­ry­na undersco­red the crucial role of com­mu­nica­tion and advi­sed direct enga­ge­ment with poten­tial emplo­yers whi­le con­ti­nuo­us­ly stri­ving.

Tony Sten­berg from Nobi­na high­ligh­ted the evol­ving skills nee­ded in today’s job mar­ket, poin­ting out adap­ta­bi­li­ty, digi­tal lite­racy, and soft skills as cri­tical for job see­kers. Inter­na­tio­nal emplo­yees, accor­ding to Tony, bring inva­luable diver­si­ty and new pers­pec­ti­ves to the bus trans­por­ta­tion industry and bey­ond. He emp­ha­sized the impor­tance of a well-craf­ted CV that reflects genui­ne skills and expe­riences. For non-Fin­nish spea­kers, Tony ack­now­led­ged the chal­len­ge but also noted the inc­rea­sing avai­la­bi­li­ty of English-spea­king roles, urging job see­kers to per­sist and embrace Fin­nish lear­ning when pos­sible.

Anni Saa­ra­nen pro­vi­ded an educa­tio­nal lens, noting OSAO’s com­mit­ment to inter­na­tio­nal stu­dents through various voca­tio­nal pro­grams. She advi­sed on embracing educa­tio­nal paths that align with one’s inte­rests and the mar­ket needs, especial­ly high­ligh­ting sec­tors that acti­ve­ly seek inter­na­tio­nal talents. Anni stres­sed the impor­tance of Fin­nish lan­gua­ge skills, not just for emplo­y­abi­li­ty but for dee­per inte­gra­tion into Fin­nish socie­ty.

Johan­na Kar­ju­la int­ro­duced the Oulu Skills Cent­re (OSKE) as a pivo­tal resource for job see­kers, offe­ring gui­dance and sup­port to navi­ga­te career paths effec­ti­ve­ly. She encou­ra­ged atten­ding OSKE’s events for networ­king and lear­ning oppor­tu­ni­ties. Johan­na poin­ted out the cri­tical job search dyna­mics in Fin­land, par­ticu­lar­ly the value placed on direct com­mu­nica­tion and per­so­nal ini­tia­ti­ve.

Panelists at the Työntaitajiksi event

“Don’t unde­res­ti­ma­te the power of direct com­mu­nica­tion”

The pane­lists col­lec­ti­ve­ly undersco­red the sig­ni­ficance of Fin­nish lan­gua­ge pro­ficiency in enhancing job pros­pects. Howe­ver, they also recog­nized the growing num­ber of oppor­tu­ni­ties avai­lable for English spea­kers, reflec­ting a gra­dual­ly diver­si­fying workplace.

For newco­mers to Fin­land, the advice was clear: leve­ra­ge eve­ry avai­lable resource, from lan­gua­ge cour­ses to networ­king events, and don’t unde­res­ti­ma­te the power of direct com­mu­nica­tion with emplo­yers. Per­sis­tence, open­ness to lear­ning, and adap­ting one’s approach based on feed­back are key to unloc­king job oppor­tu­ni­ties in Oulu and bey­ond.

This panel discus­sion not only illu­mi­na­ted the path for inter­na­tio­nal talents see­king oppor­tu­ni­ties in Oulu but also celebra­ted the rich­ness that diver­se backgrounds bring to the Fin­nish job mar­ket. As we navi­ga­te this ever-chan­ging landsca­pe, let’s remem­ber the sha­red insights and encou­ra­ge­ment from our pane­lists: embrace the jour­ney, stay resi­lient, and keep com­mu­nica­tion at the heart of your job search stra­te­gy.

In essence, the job mar­ket in Oulu, with its unique blend of chal­len­ges and oppor­tu­ni­ties, is a dyna­mic envi­ron­ment whe­re inter­na­tio­nal talents can thri­ve. With the right approach and sup­port, such as that offe­red by Oulu Skills Cent­re, Nobi­na, and educa­tio­nal ins­ti­tu­tions like OSAO, the jour­ney towards a ful­fil­ling career in Fin­land is more acces­sible than ever.

Repor­ted by Fah­mi­da Sar­ker,
Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu Ambas­sa­dor