The most ins­pi­ring rec­ruit­ment event in the uni­ver­se – Mega­Match­ma­king 14.9.


Meet emplo­yers, start networ­king, learn the best tips and tricks with the job hunt, and find your­self a new posi­tion at the super-inte­res­ting Mega­Match­ma­king rec­ruit­ment event.

Mega­Match­ma­king is one of the big­gest rec­ruit­ment events in Fin­land. Last year, 2 000 job­see­kers par­tici­pa­ted in the event. This year, we’­re reno­va­ting the event – making it even big­ger and more aest­he­tic. We will offer a varied pro­gram­me in Fin­nish and English on two sta­ges.

Save the date: Mega­Match­ma­king will take place at Oulun Tul­li­sa­li, (Tyr­nä­vän­tie 16) on 14 Sep­tem­ber from 9–15. The event is free of char­ge. Come and join us!

The­re is a free bus ser­vice from the cent­re of Oulu to the event.

The pro­gram­me is in Tul­li­sa­li:

Sta­ge 1 (in Fin­nish)

Sta­ge 2 (in English)

The pro­gram­me and list of pre­sen­ters will be upda­ted during the sum­mer­ti­me.

Look the com­pa­nies which are also hiring English spea­king emplo­yees:

Also stop by:

Career café – You can chat with experts with a wide ran­ge of topics inclu­ding career choice, EURES (job search abroad and for foreig­ners loo­king for work in Fin­land), trai­ning advice, career gui­dance, ent­repre­neurs­hip and start-up fun­ding, and ser­vices for immi­grants.

CV pho­tos­hoot – The­re will also be a CV pho­tos­hoot desk whe­re job­see­kers can have a pro­fes­sio­nal pho­to­graph taken for their CV (free of char­ge).

The event is orga­ni­sed by Business­Oulu and the TE-Office of North Ostro­both­nia.