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What kind of acti­vi­ties can you do in the sum­mer of Oulu? This was preci­se­ly answe­red at the Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu Networ­king Event, which focused on sum­mer acti­vi­ties in Oulu.

The Sum­mer edi­tion the­med networ­king event inclu­ded around 50 people to Busi­ness­A­se­ma on Midsummer’s week’s Tues­day. Par­tici­pants were able to learn about the ser­vices offe­red by Visit Oulu and the region’s com­pa­nies Lap­pis, Go Arc­tic and Tont­tu Tär­mön Paja.

Canoeing, snor­ke­ling, kite­sur­fing, raf­ting, bike tours, fis­hing… the wide selec­tion of options in Oulu’s sum­mer.

The ser­vice mana­ger, Roo­sa Palo­mä­ki, men­tio­ned that Oulu is also full of great des­ti­na­tions for hiking and relaxing – such as Nal­li­ka­ri, Hie­ta­saa­ri, Pil­pa­suo and Hupi­saa­ret. In addi­tion, you can reach Hai­luo­to, Koi­te­lin­kos­ki and Limin­gan­lah­ti in less than an hour.

Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu ambas­sa­dors also pre­sen­ted their favo­ri­te acti­vi­ties. Such acti­vi­ties and discus­sions with others as well at the networ­king eve­ning inclu­ded:

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Busi­nes­sOu­lu’s com­mu­nica­tions trai­nee Nada Abass acted as host of the event. Furt­her­mo­re, it was discus­sed about the new govern­ment pro­gram and its immi­gra­tion aspects. IH Oulu’s ambas­sa­dors, among others, expres­sed their concerns about the mat­ter.

The event begun with ope­ning words by IH Oulu’s coor­di­na­tor Riku­pek­ka Lei­no­nen, who poin­ted out the govern­ment pro­gram, which caused a lot of discus­sion, howe­ver, it is only a plan.

– It does not mean that eve­ryt­hing plan­ned by the govern­ment pro­gram will take place, Lei­no­nen said.

– We will orga­nize an info ses­sion for tho­se who are inte­res­ted during the autumn time or when the­re is more info avai­lable. We will invi­te experts who are going to discuss about the situa­tion and how the proces­ses will take place, when the­re is a new govern­ment and new pro­gram.

A special thank you to eve­ry­one who par­tici­pa­ted in the networ­king event. Be sure to fol­low IH Oulu’s social media chan­nels for upda­tes on our coming events and hap­pe­nings.

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