Circu­lar Eco­no­my

What is Circu­lar Clus­ter Oulu?

Clo­se col­la­bo­ra­tion part­ners of the circu­lar eco­no­my clus­ter inclu­de, for example, the Oulu Inno­va­tion Alliance (OIA), ICTOu­lu, Oulu Auto­mo­ti­ve Clus­ter, and the Uni­ver­si­ty of Oulu. A special fea­tu­re of the Oulu region is a strong ICT sec­tor, which offers excel­lent oppor­tu­ni­ties to find digi­tal solu­tion pro­vi­ders to sup­port circu­lar eco­no­my.

Since the begin­ning of 2022, our acti­vi­ties have gat­he­red over 400 people in busi­ness, R&D and public sec­tors to discuss ques­tions of circu­la­ri­ty. Our main event so far has been Kier­to­ta­lous­A­ree­na 2023 – Circu­lar Are­na Oulu 2023, with high class semi­nar spea­kers and a circu­lar tra­de fair with over 50 com­pa­nies and other exhi­bi­tors showca­sing their circu­lar solu­tions.


We help clus­ter com­pa­nies find cus­to­mers and part­ners. We orga­ni­se pre­sen­ta­tions, match­ma­king events and pitc­hes, as well as dele­ga­tion and tra­de fair visits. We look for oppor­tu­ni­ties toget­her with domes­tic and foreign deve­lop­ment com­pa­nies, clus­ters, and other actors.


We con­nect com­pa­nies with each other and with research ins­ti­tu­tes to acce­le­ra­te the deve­lop­ment of circu­lar eco­no­my solu­tions and new inno­va­tions. We con­nect R&D ini­tia­ti­ves to com­pa­nies and hel tigh­ten the link between busi­ness and research.

Sha­res infor­ma­tion and exper­ti­se

We sha­re infor­ma­tion and exper­ti­se rela­ted to circu­lar eco­no­my, such as com­pa­ny news, infor­ma­tion on legis­la­ti­ve reforms, fun­ding oppor­tu­ni­ties, and poten­tial part­ners­hips. We orga­ni­se mee­tings and events with our part­ners.


Our impact is visible throug­hout the life cycle of con­struc­tion, eve­ryw­he­re whe­re we ope­ra­te as experts. We are com­mit­ted to deve­lo­ping envi­ron­men­tal res­pon­si­bi­li­ty with a goal. Our goal is to be a front­li­ne buil­der of a car­bon-neut­ral socie­ty.

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We are an inter­na­tio­nal engi­nee­ring and con­sul­ting com­pa­ny that acce­le­ra­tes the tran­si­tion to a sus­tai­nable socie­ty. Our ser­vices for cus­to­mers in the built envi­ron­ment, industry, and ener­gy sec­tors cover the enti­re lifecycle of pro­jects from ini­tial stu­dies to design and imple­men­ta­tion, as well as sup­port for use and ope­ra­tion.

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Arctic Rides

Arc­tic Rides’ revo­lu­tio­na­ry Skick elect­ric scoo­ter enables eco­lo­gical local mobi­li­ty regard­less of weat­her or sea­son. The scoo­ters are manu­fac­tu­red in Fin­land using as much domes­tic mate­rials as pos­sible. Skick is a long-las­ting and easy-to-main­tain key flag pro­duct.

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Bioclus­ter Fin­land is an associa­tion of actors who­se core aim is to pro­mo­te green growth busi­ness and inno­va­tion acti­vi­ties. We sup­port green growth and pro­mo­te the crea­tion of low-car­bon busi­ness and circu­lar eco­no­my. Bio­eco­no­my com­pa­nies and new green busi­ness deve­lop in coo­pe­ra­tion with research, deve­lop­ment and inno­va­tion actors.

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Brightplus and its deve­lo­ped tech­no­lo­gy enables the int­ro­duc­tion of circu­lar eco­no­my solu­tions such as coa­tings and plas­tic subs­ti­tu­tes along­si­de exis­ting oil-based ones.

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Cul­men­tor offers compre­hen­si­ve ser­vices for the imple­men­ta­tion of circu­lar eco­no­my invest­ment pro­jects and the pre­pa­ra­tion of fun­ding applica­tions rela­ted to circu­lar eco­no­my, both for inter­na­tio­nal EU pro­jects and domes­tic fun­ding pro­grams.

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Digi­kier­to deve­lops a Danyel softwa­re plat­form based on research and expe­rience data for simu­la­ting the value chain of renewable ener­gy and circu­lar eco­no­my pro­ducts. The company’s background is in over 10 years of lite­ra­tu­re and expe­rience data on bio­eco­no­my proces­ses, tech­no­lo­gy pilo­ting, and func­tio­na­li­ty of imple­men­ted proces­ses.

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Our mis­sion is to clear the path for green con­struc­tion by means of low-car­bon circu­lar eco­no­my. About 90% of our tur­no­ver is based on circu­lar eco­no­my. All our acti­vi­ties aim to inc­rea­se the use of aban­do­ned mate­rials as part of sus­tai­nable and resource-wise con­struc­tion.

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We pro­vi­de expert sampling and labo­ra­to­ry ser­vices for industry and the public sec­tor. Our pre­mi­ses are loca­ted in Yli­vies­ka and Niva­la. Fea­sib Oy is a domes­tic SME.

Fea­sib home­pa­ge


We crea­te busi­ness and vita­li­ty based on green tech­no­lo­gy and exper­ti­se in Nort­hern Fin­land. In our pro­jects, we deve­lop low-car­bon and resource-wise circu­lar eco­no­my solu­tions for munici­pa­li­ties, com­pa­nies, and com­mu­ni­ties in coo­pe­ra­tion with uni­ver­si­ties and research ins­ti­tu­tes. We also pro­vi­de busi­ness advi­sors’ help, busi­ness pre­mi­ses, and plots for ope­ra­tion.

Mic­ro­po­lis home­pa­ge


The comple­te solu­tions we offer are especial­ly sui­table for deman­ding circu­lar eco­no­my applica­tions out­doors. Our rea­dy-to-use and moun­table sen­sors con­nect direct­ly to the Inter­net. Our dirt-immu­ne and radar-based Ais­tin sur­face mea­su­re­ment sen­sors are used for example in smart was­te mana­ge­ment and stormwa­ter mana­ge­ment. Cus­to­mer examples inclu­de Was­te­book Oy and Pipe­li­fe Oy.

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Keko Geo­po­ly­mers Oy manu­fac­tu­res, stu­dies and deve­lops geo­po­ly­mer pro­ducts from circu­lar eco­no­my mate­rials with a bold and open-min­ded atti­tu­de.

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Kier­to­kaa­ri is a circu­lar eco­no­my and was­te com­pa­ny owned by eight munici­pa­li­ties in Nort­hern Ostro­both­nia. We tend to the was­te mana­ge­ment and sor­ting gui­dance for the munici­pa­li­ties in our area of ope­ra­tion, in addi­tion to pro­mo­ting was­te reduc­tion, recycling and reco­ve­ry.

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Macon is a bio- and circu­lar eco­no­my expert com­pa­ny from Nort­hern Fin­land. With our exten­si­ve network of experts, we are able to crea­te solu­tions across discipli­nes, com­pe­ti­ti­ve­ly and throug­hout Fin­land. As a cus­to­mer, your com­pa­ny gets to bene­fit from Macon’s best con­sul­tants.

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Manna Insect

Man­na Insect has deve­lo­ped an efficient, mobi­le solu­tion to uti­li­se black sol­dier fly lar­vae to recycle biowas­te into valuable ani­mal feed and fer­ti­lizer in all weat­her con­di­tions. Our solu­tion can be ins­tal­led in a ship­ping con­tai­ner on site around the world. Our AI-based softwa­re solu­tion makes eve­ry­one a pro­fes­sio­nal lar­va grower wit­hout prior know­led­ge.

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Opto­tec Group Oy deve­lops pro­ducts for the forefront of green tran­si­tion. Our cus­to­mers are envi­ron­men­tal tech­no­lo­gy com­pa­nies for whom we design circu­lar eco­no­my pro­duct inno­va­tions. We also help our cus­to­mers reduce the envi­ron­men­tal impact of their pro­ducts by con­si­de­ring the envi­ron­men­tal effects and lifecycle issues of their pro­ducts in design and furt­her deve­lop­ment.

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Owa­tec crea­tes envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly and cost-effec­ti­ve water treat­ment and slud­ge drying solu­tions for dif­fe­rent industrial sec­tors. We pro­vi­de our cus­to­mers with tech­no­lo­gies and proces­ses that enable was­tewa­ter and slud­ge to be trea­ted cost-effec­ti­ve­ly and with res­pect for the envi­ron­ment.

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We deli­ver digi­tal solu­tions for circu­lar eco­no­my com­pa­nies that enable smooth cus­to­mer ser­vice at recycling faci­li­ties, reduce the wor­king time spent on inter­nal mana­ge­ment, crea­te trans­pa­rency to mate­rial flows, and enable efficient repor­ting for both the busi­nes­ses’ own and regu­la­to­ry needs.

Pin­ja home­pa­ge


Rakeis­tus designs and manu­fac­tu­res mac­hi­ne­ry for ash gra­nu­la­tion and pro­vi­des a turn­key ser­vice of proces­sing gra­nu­la­ted ash into a forest fer­ti­lizer, along with pro­vi­ding rela­ted expert ser­vices for ener­gy com­pa­nies, industrial com­pa­nies and ash proces­sors. At the end of 2021, Rakeis­tus launc­hed the ser­vice whe­re car­bon sinks acqui­red from forest owners meet CO2 com­pen­sa­tion cus­to­mers.

Rakeis­tus home­pa­ge


We design, deve­lop, and deli­ver compre­hen­si­ve drying-rela­ted solu­tions which enable us to process industrial mate­rial flows into new, hig­her-value pro­ducts toget­her with our cus­to­mers. Our cus­to­mers are industrial actors of dif­fe­rent sizes who want to pro­mo­te the uti­li­sa­tion of their own mate­rial flows.

Sftec home­pa­ge


Syklo Oy offers efficient circu­lar eco­no­my solu­tions to sup­port sus­tai­nable growth for busi­nes­ses. We have the tech­no­lo­gies and exper­ti­se that help you opti­mi­se resources, use raw mate­rials more eco­no­mical­ly, and pro­duce clea­ner ener­gy. Our ser­vices inclu­de was­te recep­tion, treat­ment and furt­her proces­sing ser­vices.

Syklo home­pa­ge


Taitonetti’s pro­duct ran­ge con­sists of high-qua­li­ty used com­pu­ters which are a reliable and chea­per alter­na­ti­ve to new mac­hi­nes. Used com­pu­ters are also part of a sus­tai­nable circu­lar eco­no­my, whe­re func­tio­nal devices stay in use as long as pos­sible and thus save valuable natu­ral resources.

Tai­to­net­ti home­pa­ge

TWSC warming surfaces

The War­ming Sur­faces Com­pa­ny, TWSC, is a start-up that obser­ves the principles of circu­lar eco­no­my in all its ope­ra­tions since the start of the com­pa­ny. The pro­duct itself, a paper-thin hea­ting ele­ment, con­tains only a small amount of com­mon metals. The mate­rials can be recycled and are furt­her recyclable.

The War­ming Sur­feces home­pa­ge


At Tracegrow, we want to give the earth a second chance. We col­lect valuable raw mate­rials from industrial by-pro­ducts and recycled bat­te­ries, reducing the need for mining. With circu­lar eco­no­my, we secu­re the vita­li­ty of huma­ni­ty and the earth.

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Vaatelaastari Fab Patch

Fab Patch is a crea­ti­ve industry, circu­lar eco­no­my and tex­ti­le industry start-up awar­ded with the Res­pon­sible Act of the Year and Design Act of the Year awards in 2022. The company’s own repair inno­va­tion, clot­hing patch Fab­Patch, is a super-easy, cus­to­mi­sable, and ver­sa­ti­le tex­ti­le repair pro­duct.

Vaa­te­laas­ta­ri home­pa­ge

Vis­kaa­lin farm in Muhos is a pio­neer in food industry’s circu­lar eco­no­my. The farm rai­ses beef catt­le as well as slaugh­ters and proces­ses fresh meat and meat pro­ducts. A bio­gas plant to be comple­ted at the farm in 2024 will pro­duce near­ly 20 GWh of bio­gas and orga­nic fer­ti­lizers. The raw mate­rial for the plant con­sists of catt­le manu­re, slaugh­ter­house by-pro­ducts, and bio-was­te deli­ve­red by Kem­pe­le Siir­to­kul­je­tus Oy from near­by areas.

Vis­kaa­li home­pa­ge


90% of was­te is col­lec­ted eit­her too ear­ly or too late. It is expen­si­ve for both us and the envi­ron­ment. For this rea­son, Was­te­book has deve­lo­ped a smart solu­tion to opti­mi­se was­te mana­ge­ment and pro­duce data for deci­sion-making.

Was­te­book home­pa­ge


Weee­fi­ner is a tech­no­lo­gical pio­neer that offers solu­tions to chal­len­ges of water treat­ment and raw mate­rial recycling. Our revo­lu­tio­na­ry 4D Siep­pa­ri tech­no­lo­gy efficient­ly cap­tu­res metal and nut­rient par­ticles in industrial and socie­tal was­tewa­ter for reuse and recycling, aiming to trans­form process and was­te streams into valuable raw mate­rial sources.

Weee­fi­ner home­pa­ge

Other part­ners

The Oulu Inno­va­tion Alliance is a stra­te­gic alliance of the most sig­ni­ficant research, deve­lop­ment and inno­va­tion actors in the Oulu region, strengt­he­ning the region’s inno­va­tion capaci­ty and the glo­bal com­pe­ti­ti­ve­ness of Nort­hern Fin­land. OIA part­ners inclu­de the City of Oulu, Natu­ral Resources Ins­ti­tu­te Fin­land (Luke), Oulu Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sciences (Oamk), Oulu Voca­tio­nal Col­le­ge (OSAO), Uni­ver­si­ty of Oulu, the Well­being Ser­vices Coun­ty of North Ostro­both­nia, Tech­no­po­lis, and VTT Tech­nical Research Cent­re of Fin­land Ltd.



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