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Wel­come to Inter­na­tion­al House Oulu (IH Oulu)!

IH Oulu gath­ers dif­fer­ent guid­ance ser­vices under the same roof. Ser­vices are tar­get­ed at inter­na­tion­al new­com­ers and immi­grants, and also com­pa­nies plan­ning to recruit inter­na­tion­al peo­ple. We are locat­ed at Busi­nes­sAs­e­ma.

At our premis­es you can get help with ques­tions con­cern­ing work­ing, entre­pre­neur­ship or study­ing. You can also ask our advi­sors for advice and guid­ance about every day life mat­ters. We offer inte­gra­tion ser­vices for those who have asy­lum. Have a look at the Inter­na­tion­al House Oulu web­site or come to the House and ask, we will guide you for­ward.

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Ser­vice hours on July: Tues­days and Thurs­days 12 – 2 p.m.

Address: Busi­nes­sAs­e­ma, Hal­li­tuskatu 36 B,
90100 Oulu, Fin­land

Tele­phone: 08 558 558 10
(No phone ser­vice on July)

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International House Oulun tiski

Results of IH Oulu’s Mul­ti­lin­gual Immi­grant Sur­vey

Inter­na­tion­al House Oulu want­ed to hear from immi­grants in Oulu about their expe­ri­ences liv­ing in the city to bet­ter under­stand the chal­lenges and key fac­tors of immi­grant inte­gra­tion.

Online guid­ance for
future Oulu res­i­dents

Are you plan­ning to move to Oulu? Inter­na­tion­al House Oulu offers per­son­al­ized relo­ca­tion guid­ance. Learn more about the ser­vice and book a free online con­sul­ta­tion here.

For Res­i­dents

At Inter­na­tion­al House Oulu, we pro­vide you with infor­ma­tion in dif­fer­ent lan­guages about dai­ly liv­ing in Oulu, as well as low-thresh­old guid­ance to ser­vices offered by var­i­ous orga­ni­za­tions. You will be giv­en all the infor­ma­tion that you need, con­cern­ing for exam­ple, ear­ly-stage ser­vices, basic city ser­vices, and leisure activ­i­ties. By using this ser­vice, you will get the newest infor­ma­tion and guid­ance to the ser­vice you need.

At Inter­na­tion­al House Oulu, there is always some­one there to answer your ques­tions. Our goal is to make every­one feel wel­come.

Glob­al Minds in Oulu

Join Fah­mi­da as she shares her jour­ney from Bangladesh to Oulu, where she pur­sued her pas­sion for pub­lic health as a PhD stu­dent. Dis­cov­er how she nav­i­gates the con­trast­ing Finnish sea­sons, find­ing beau­ty in both harsh win­ters and stun­ning sum­mers.

Hear Fah­mi­da’s nsights

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Explore Oulu with Adri­an, a Tex­an who has made this Finnish city his home for over a decade. Adri­an shares his jour­ney of adapt­ing to a new lifestyle, enjoy­ing the nat­ur­al beau­ty, and rais­ing his son in Oulu.

Dive into Adri­an’s world

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Adero, an Afro mil­len­ni­al design­er from Nairo­bi, Kenya, moved to Oulu with her fam­i­ly. Now she shares her jour­ney of adapt­ing to Finnish cul­ture, pur­su­ing her pas­sion for soft­ware devel­op­ment, and enjoy­ing the city’s vibrant cul­ture.

Learn about Adero’s life

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Fangy­ing “Fan­ni” Li is orig­i­nal­ly from Chi­na. Cur­rent­ly, Fan­ni works at the IH Oulu. She admires Finnish work cul­ture. “Some­how here, this free­dom brings you more pos­si­bil­i­ties. You can do what­ev­er you want.”

Watch Fan­ni’s sto­ry

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Eduar­do Acos­ta is from Colom­bia. Over the past two years, he has been able to expe­ri­ence all that Oulu has to offer. “When I came here, I was sur­prised by how you can find many things here, how well con­nect­ed every­thing is.”

More about Eduardo’s life

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She­fat Islam came from Bahrain to Oulu and fell in love with the city’s nature. What was most impor­tant to her was that her daugh­ter adjust­ed well. She­fat thinks Oulu is a pic­turesque and calm place, a post­card city.

Watch She­fat’s inter­view

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Jun Naka­mu­ra decid­ed to move from Japan to Oulu and study for his master’s degree at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Oulu. He is very impressed by Finnish sauna cul­ture. “In the sauna, Finns are more open com­pared to oth­er places.”

See Jun’s sto­ry

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Learn more about Oulu

Time to get famil­iar with life in the Oulu Region!

Do you want infor­ma­tion about work­ing in the Oulu Region?

Find use­ful tips to expand your net­work in the Oulu Region.

Meet our inter­na­tion­al tal­ent liv­ing in Oulu and read their inspi­ra­tional sto­ries.

What projects and asso­ci­a­tions relat­ed to immi­grants are avail­able in the Oulu region?

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Work in Finland

For Com­pa­nies

We can help your com­pa­ny find inter­na­tion­al employ­ees, espe­cial­ly from among peo­ple already liv­ing in the Oulu region. We also orga­nize recruit­ment events and cam­paigns that your com­pa­ny can par­tic­i­pate in. You can par­tic­i­pate and present your com­pa­ny’s vacan­cies in our “Job Cor­ner” ser­vice at Busi­nes­sAs­e­ma where job seek­ers and com­pa­nies seek­ing to recruit new tal­ents meet.

In addi­tion, we orga­nize infor­ma­tion ses­sions and coach­ing for com­pa­nies relat­ed to inter­na­tion­al recruit­ment and pro­vide infor­ma­tion on cur­rent events and ser­vices relat­ed to the top­ic.

Con­tact per­son:
Sal­la Hir­vo­nen,

Addi­tion­al ser­vices

If your com­pa­ny needs sup­port or fund­ing for inter­na­tion­al recruit­ment, the fol­low­ing ser­vices are avail­able:

Free of charge advice on top­ics such as recruit­ing inter­na­tion­al tal­ent, hir­ing and per­mit process­es, or relo­cat­ing to Fin­land. Ser­vice is avail­able via phone or email.

Busi­ness Fin­land orga­nizes net­work­ing events, recruit­ment cam­paigns and fund­ing for the recruit­ment of inter­na­tion­al tal­ents.

Adver­tise Eng­lish speak­ing vacan­cies on the site.

Con­tains essen­tial infor­ma­tion that should be con­sid­ered in inter­na­tion­al recruit­ment process­es.

Euro­pean coop­er­a­tion net­work of employ­ment ser­vices, designed to facil­i­tate the free move­ment of work­ers. Eures has a reg­is­ter of over one mil­lion CV’s.

Train­ing ser­vices

News & Events

Do you want to know more about upcom­ing events and activ­i­ties? We also have a nice col­lec­tion of recent top­ics from Oulu here (opens in a new tab).

Chas­ing Stars: Nav­i­gat­ing the Path to Your Dreams

Dear read­ers, allow me to share my jour­ney – a voy­age fueled by pas­sion and curios­i­ty. My name is Rabia and I am a pro­fes­sion­al cer­ti­fied teacher from Pak­istan.

Inter­na­tion­al House Oulu 1 Year Cel­e­bra­tion

We at Inter­na­tion­al House Oulu (IHO) cel­e­brat­ed our one year anniver­sary with a mem­o­rable event that high­light­ed its achieve­ments and con­tri­bu­tions over the past year.

Roll the Dice and Make a Friend – This May at IH Oulu

Ready for anoth­er round of board games and net­work­ing? Join us on May 15th, 2024, for anoth­er fan­tas­tic board game night!

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