Rus­kon­niit­ty – Cent­re for Circu­lar Eco­no­my

 Rus­kon­niit­ty will pave the way for new com­pa­nies, pro­vi­de a test plat­form for inno­va­tions and crea­te more jobs. At the same time, it ser­ves as a deve­lop­ment plat­form and enables the deve­lop­ment of circu­lar eco­no­mic busi­ness models.

The design and con­struc­tion of a recycling cent­re by Ram­boll is part of the 6AIKA: Circ­Hubs pro­ject.  Circ­Hubs makes it easier for com­pa­nies to get up and run­ning with circu­lar eco­no­my busi­ness and test new inno­va­tions.

Circ­Hubs pro­ject focuses on circu­lar hubs that play an impor­tant role both when it comes to crea­ting new busi­ness based on circu­lar eco­no­my and new ope­ra­ting models. Circu­lar hubs in dif­fe­rent cities inclu­de mul­tiple actors in circu­lar eco­no­my, which means that they ser­ve as regio­nal sce­nes for circu­lar eco­no­my and industrial sym­bio­sis. In the futu­re, the­se hubs pro­vi­de a place for com­pa­nies to pilot their busi­ness solu­tions and a chance to find syner­gies, for example, in the region’s infra­struc­tu­re or other com­pa­nies acti­ve in the area.

Exis­ting circu­lar eco­no­my clus­ters can alrea­dy be found in Hel­sin­ki, Tur­ku and Tam­pe­re. The cent­re in Oulu will start ope­ra­ting in 2020.

The pro­ject time­table is 1 May 2017 — 30 Sep­tem­ber 2019.

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