HALI – traf­fic sig­nal prio­ri­ties for emer­gency vehicles

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In order to speed up the arri­val of emer­gency vehicles and impro­ve the safe­ty of the dri­ve the­re needs to be green traf­fic sig­nal for the­se vehicles at all times. Vehicle satel­li­te posi­tio­ning and modern trans­mis­sion tech­nique have ope­ned up comple­te­ly new oppor­tu­ni­ties for traf­fic sig­nal preemp­tion sys­tem for emer­gency vehicles. Oulu is the first region in Fin­land to imple­ment this new tech­no­lo­gy-based sys­tem, which gua­ran­tees green traf­fic sig­nal to emer­gency vehicles based on their geo­grap­hical posi­tio­ning sys­tem. The sys­tem has since spread to seve­ral cities and regions in Fin­land.

Subsc­ri­bers in Oulu have made the sys­tem avai­lable to other aut­ho­ri­ties on an open pro­duct basis. The sys­tem is cur­rent­ly ope­ra­ting in some 20 munici­pa­li­ties and pilot trials are on in dif­fe­rent parts of Fin­land.

As a who­le, the aim of the pro­ject is to establish a natio­nal sys­tem Hali 2.0. The sys­tem is desig­ned to be a natio­nal sys­tem, which any munici­pa­li­ty, sta­te road ope­ra­tor or emer­gency ope­ra­tor can join.

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