inDe­mand co-crea­tion model

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For eve­ry­one accor­ding to their needs

inDe­mand is a new model that has been deve­lo­ped in co-ope­ra­tion with three cities: Murcia, Oulu and Paris. inDe­mand means that public sec­tor actors and com­pa­nies address the chal­len­ges iden­ti­fied by the city’s health care orga­niza­tions through means of co-crea­tion.  The model inc­rea­ses the ope­ra­tio­nal capaci­ty of public health care by fin­ding solu­tions to chal­len­ges whi­le crea­ting new busi­ness oppor­tu­ni­ties for pri­va­te com­pa­nies. Through co-crea­tion, the solu­tion deve­lo­per recei­ves con­ti­nuo­us feed­back on the func­tio­na­li­ty of the solu­tion.

The first pha­se of inDe­mand deve­lop­ment is now comple­te, and it has resul­ted in four new eHealth solu­tions. Oulu is also invol­ved in the second pha­se of inDe­mand.

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