Onnik­ka — Per­ma­nent Weight Loss

A person looking at health data on a tablet compurer

Uni­ver­si­ty of Oulu has deve­lo­ped a groundbrea­king weight loss met­hod, with which users can reduce per­ma­nent­ly their weight on ave­ra­ge by 5%, which is cli­nical­ly sig­ni­ficant result.

The weight loss met­hod is cal­led Onnik­ka. It is a web-based ser­vice, which helps people to chan­ge their beha­vior with the help of per­sua­si­ve softwa­re design. Users are gent­ly gui­ded to obser­ve and reflect on their habits, fee­lings and beha­vior, and making chan­ges to their lifes­ty­les. This pro­duces per­ma­nent weight loss. Onnik­ka has been care­ful­ly desig­ned with weekly rhythm for pro­vi­ded tasks and infor­ma­tion and opti­mized for long-term and healt­hy weight loss.

Onnik­ka design is based on Uni­ver­si­ty of Oulu research on inter­nal medici­ne, beha­vio­ral sciences and per­sua­si­ve softwa­re design. A new, smartp­ho­ne opti­mized ver­sion has recent­ly been deve­lo­ped and pilo­ted. The ser­vice beca­me publicly avai­lable in spring 2022.

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