Sen­so­ry Room at Ser­vice Cent­re

In a sen­so­ry room trial at Han­hi­leh­to Ser­vice Cent­re, cus­to­mers were able to use a vir­tual applica­tion to expe­rience things that would be impos­sible otherwi­se. The cus­to­mers of Han­hi­leh­to had three dif­fe­rent seg­ments to expe­rience, one of which inclu­ded 16 dif­fe­rent sce­nic videos with natu­ral sounds. The sen­so­ry room also entai­led pain­ting fea­tu­res for inc­rea­sing phy­sical acti­vi­ty. The idea behind the sen­so­ry room concept is to pro­vi­de a posi­ti­ve effect on well-being through spaces that imi­ta­te natu­re.

Con­duc­ted at Han­hi­leh­to Ser­vice Cent­re in 2020, the sen­so­ry wall and sen­so­ry room trial was part of 6Aika CoHeWe pro­ject, in which Mik­ke­li-based com­pa­ny cal­led OiOi Col­lec­ti­ve Oy was selec­ted as a co-crea­tion part­ner to deli­ver the sen­so­ry room ser­vice. The com­pa­ny was also deeply invol­ved with trai­ning the local pro­fes­sio­nals and int­ro­ducing the ser­vice. In Oulu, the trial was car­ried out by City of Oulu Wel­fa­re Ser­vices and the Uni­ver­si­ty of Oulu Facul­ty of Medici­ne.