Ser­vice plat­forms for children and youth

Lap­suus (Child­hood) ser­vice plat­form

The ser­vice plat­form is tar­ge­ted to fami­lies, offe­ring know­led­ge and infor­ma­tion about various topics and ser­vices to sup­port well­being and life mana­ge­ment. The ser­vice plat­form is based on a mul­ti-pro­ducer model and the por­tal inclu­des munici­pal, pri­va­te and orga­ni­sa­tio­nal ser­vices. Various inter­face solu­tions and chat­bot AI have been uti­li­sed in the rea­li­sa­tion of the ser­vice plat­form.

Nuor­ten Oulu (Oulu for Youth) por­tal

The City of Oulu youth ser­vices are renewing their onli­ne ser­vices for youth, gat­he­ring all digi­tal ser­vices under a single web por­tal. The vast enti­ty is based on a ser­vice plat­form concept whe­re a single por­tal offers all the neces­sa­ry con­tent for youth, their clo­se ones, and pro­fes­sio­nals ali­ke.

The idea is that young people can pro­duce text, ima­ges and video con­tent for the new onli­ne ser­vice them­sel­ves. A search engi­ne to be deve­lo­ped for the por­tal will help the young to find the most sui­table ser­vices for their indi­vi­dual needs. The engi­ne can pre­dict search terms and fil­ter the rele­vant con­tent, ser­vices, self-help instruc­tions and Q&A topics for the user accor­dingly. The search engi­ne is lin­ked to the portal’s chat ser­vice, so that the user can be direc­ted to con­tact the pro­per pro­fes­sio­nal accor­ding to the young person’s life situa­tion and rela­ted keywords.

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