Softwa­re robo­tics in con­struc­tion super­vi­sion

A robot or a stamp? Or both?

The buil­ding con­struc­tion super­vi­sion in Oulu expe­ri­men­ted with softwa­re robo­tics for stam­ping the main drawings of elect­ro­nic per­mits, expor­ting them into an elect­ro­nic arc­hi­ve as well as reques­ting an elect­ro­nic sig­na­tu­re from deci­sion-makers. The aim of uti­lizing softwa­re robo­tics was to reduce the workload of rou­ti­ne tasks as they requi­red many dif­fe­rent tasks and pres­sing of but­tons in two dif­fe­rent IT sys­tems. The goal was to make the work of users more mea­ning­ful by get­ting rid of frequent­ly recur­ring tasks and by reducing the human error that could be caused by rou­ti­nes.

Based on the good expe­rience, softwa­re robots were int­ro­duced into pro­duc­tion in ear­ly 2019.