The most tele­ma­tic road in fin­land

Chan­ging weat­her con­di­tions and alter­na­ti­ve rou­tes

A total of 136 road­si­de signs with tele­ma­tics will be ins­tal­led. The­se inclu­de speed limit signs, lar­ge infor­ma­tion displays on the side of the road and abo­ve motorways, chan­ging war­ning and pro­hi­bi­tion signs, event signs or chan­ging alter­na­ti­ve rou­te signs. In addi­tion, road weat­her sta­tions, traf­fic coun­ters, con­ges­tion detec­tors and came­ras are built. All signs and displays are desig­ned so that they are lar­ge enough and easy to see and unders­tand.

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