Three top the­mes, strong results

Väl­kyt con­sis­ted of three the­mes: Peda­go­gical com­pe­tence, selec­ted ICT tools and vali­da­ted mate­rials. Peda­go­gical ICT com­pe­tence was a pre­requi­si­te for rea­lizing the goals of the pro­ject in prac­tice. The staff had to mas­ter the basic use of ICT tools and use them also peda­go­gical­ly.

Tablets, perip­he­rals and inte­rac­ti­ve touch screens were cho­sen as hardwa­re. The num­ber of the­se was based on the num­ber of child groups at dayca­re, and all mate­rials were selec­ted on peda­go­gical grounds. Tablet applica­tions sup­por­ted children’s growth and lear­ning. The ins­tal­la­tion and main­te­nance of applica­tions was done through remo­te mana­ge­ment of the city’s mobi­le devices.

What’s next?

The lear­ning com­mu­ni­ty is at the heart of Väl­kyt model. In a lear­ning com­mu­ni­ty, good expe­riences and prac­tices are sha­red between children and staff. Wor­king toget­her and a fee­ling of inclusion strengt­hen the com­mu­ni­ty. All units are encou­ra­ged to work toget­her with other dayca­re units. This pro­mo­tes the sha­ring of good prac­tices.