Polar Bear Pitc­hing 29.2.2024

Join the Coo­lest Star­tup Event in the World!

Polar Bear Pitc­hing Tic­kets Avai­lable Now 🎟️

We’re thril­led to announce that tic­ket sales for Polar Bear Pitc­hing 2024 are official­ly open, with ear­ly bear rates avai­lable right now. Don’t miss your chance to secu­re your spot at the coo­lest star­tup event in the world!

➡️ Secu­re Your Spot — Ear­ly Bear Tic­kets: https://polarbearpitching.com/tickets/

Polar Bear Pitc­hing Star­tup Call Open 📣

Cal­ling all trailblazing star­tups: the Avan­to Com­pe­ti­tion is now accep­ting applica­tions! Showca­se your deter­mi­na­tion to the who­le world through an icy chal­len­ge and join the com­mu­ni­ty of daring ent­repre­neurs. The dead­li­ne to apply is 21.12.23.

➡️ Apply for the Avan­to Com­pe­ti­tion: https://polarbearpitching.com/avanto-competition/

Check out the full pro­gram: Polar Bear Pitc­hing